No Mercy No Mercy VS...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Sep 30, 2016.

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  1. So I just realized that No Mercy will be on the same time as not only Football (NFL) but the next major presidential debate. Do you think this will effect their viewers at all? I mean I know it will be on the Network so the option to watch it later or the next day is there for the Network subscribers. Who plans on watching it live?
  2. Let's see....I could watch an old racist white man celebrity bicker with an old lady for an hour and a half...which can go hand in hand with my University degree...but will require alcohol consumption to make it through...

    I could alternatively watch a bunch of barbaric men run into each other trying to get an oddly shaped ball into select zones for 1 minute at a time then deal with 5 minute commercial breaks and have it repeat for 3 hours...

    Or watch muscular, oiled covered men (with the exception of two women's matches) in tights fake fight each other and grapple for 2-3 hours...


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  3. We all know @Shadow would pick the last option.
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  4. I don't watch Raw anything live, Raw is for losers.
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  5. You doing another heel turn?
  6. So the McMahon family?


  7. Love Smackdown hate bastards.

    Unless it's the cruiserweights cause I am a mark.
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  8. Most wrestling nerds don't watch actual sports from what I've seen. The debate might steal a few viewers though.
  9. No Mercy is the next Smackdown PPV.

    It being on the network will mean that the whole ratings/buys thing will be much less an issue. Had it been an episode of Smackdown they probably would be worrying a lot more tho
  10. I mean some people may have the PPV in one tab and the debate in the other. But still can be a concern.
  11. IDGAF about the NFL, so yeah, I'll watch No Mercy.
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  12. Ironically it's Bucs/Panthers on SNF. @Solid Snake may not even be here to watch, the Cats are playing :dawg:
    I can just envision Vince looking at that injury report to see if Cam is playing and crossing his fingers.

    It's hard to get through an entire day of football. I usually skip the afternoon game - but watching the first two games and skipping that to watch No Mercy doesn't sound too bad, either.
    And IDGAF about the debate, but the LD I'm not too sure about
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. FUCK THE DEBATE! Back'n'Fourth from WWE to NFL
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  15. Naw fuck that I'll catch the NFL highlights on ESPN with The Coach
  16. For me, since I don't have the network, can't afford the PPV, and I don't trust illegal streams online...I'll probably chat with you guys in the LD and watch the debate on twitter (like I said Poli Sci major) and probably with a beer or two to numb the pain a bit...
  17. We will keep you updated @Beaver
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