WrestleMania No MITB at WM

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. What to do with Ryback? :hmm:
  2. I am sure we will have a exciting divas match to take its place.
  3. Figured there would be no MITB, although they should use that to get people on the card.

    Ryback? He'll either feud with Big Show (and hopefully actually hit his finisher) or team with Sheamus and some other face to take on the Shield again.
  4. Seems like BS. I find it hard to believe that WWE would consider a MITB match at all at Wrestlemania.
  5. If at wrestlemania they include a MITB match I don't know, it would be a stupid thing to make a PPV with that name...
  6. I agree with Crayo. MITB is one of the better gimmick PPVS that the WWE has, and without the numbers in front of me, i'm assuming one of the bigger sells.
  7. Whilst MITB has displayed great PPV's, I would much prefer to see it scrapped and have the MITB match as a Wrestlemania special. Having a briefcase holder that can cash in on either champion is so much better.
  8. I agree with one briefcase but I don't see why they would do it. Unless they had another viable option to replace that entire PPV.
  9. The MITB match at WM would really up the quality of the show, which as of now it looks like it really needs
  10. King of the Ring.
  11. :yes:
    Always thought they should revive it.
  12. They didn't. MITB has become a staple PPV and who wins those briefcases at the MITB PPV become big news.
  13. Not a bad idea
  14. This rumor was around last year and it would nice to see money in the bank at Mania but now I don't think it's needed. MITB has the potential to be as big, or close to the rumble with it's own PPV. Mania on it's own is big, it doesn't need MITB and I believe last year the tag match filled that spot with that same sort of feel with all the high flying. I might like MITB at mania if the winner got to choose who they cashed in on and it was a larger match, so instead of 6 participants, maybe 8 or 10.
  15. Well, good. If you have a MITB PPV it's sort of silly to hold MITB matches outside of that, but I also prefer the idea of one guy who can cash in on both champions. Also curious about Ryback, I was pretty sure he'd feud with Show and beat him at WM.
  16. I'd like to see the MITB to be cashed in on ANY championship. So for example if one member of a Tag team gets the case, should be able to cash it in on a the Tag Team belts and for things like the IC and USA championship.
  17. Well, duh. I can't believe anyone actually bought into the yearly "MITB's returning to Mania" BS the dirtsheets have been spewing out ever since they gave the match it's own PPV.
  18. MITB is used to start new feuds, while Wrestlemania should be used to end feuds. Hence i dont think MITB at Wrestlemania is a good idea, not to mention MITB takes like 40 mins - an hour, i dont think they can make time for it at Wrestlemania unless they change it back to the 4 hour show it was during the Attitude Era and before that.
  19. I think King of the Ring is a once in 4 years thing.
  20. Kayfab-wise why would any superstar cash in on any championship besides the World Title(s)? They would just seem retarded for wasting their chance. If you want a tag team titles shot you probably just have to say "hey, can I have a tag team titles shot?"
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