Royal Rumble No more "surprise returns" please (vent?)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. If you watched Raw you would know a certain someone came back. If you did not watch Raw and don't want a lame spoiler, stop reading here.

    So we got Big Slow, that Axel guy no one seems to remember, and now we have Y2gay in the rumble. Am I the only one who is getting bored of these "surprise returns" for the rumble? It is not like it used to be WWE, everyone knows that these wrestlers aren't going to win so you are not fooling anyone. I mean what, do they think we are in 1998 or something?

    I feel like they are trying to put on this big deal that we are suposta be shocked by these wrestlers being in the rumble. I would rather them not announce themselves at all and just come out for the rumble then randomly trot out on some wwe show and announce why they will win the RR... pfff LOLOLOLOL

    Logically speaking, there are only 3 options that they are going to go with for the royal rumble winner and that is HHH, Brock, or Cena. Why Cena? He is Cena, duh. But seriously, you want to shock me with a surprise return, let old man beard come back and wrestle. Stop beating around the bush. We want Daniel Bryan back in the ring... Or maybe I am alone on this one?

    The show has been mediocre at best and it doesn't seem to be improving at all and around a time it SHOULD be because you know, the ROYAL FREAKING RUMBLE!. This is my favorite PPV and I already feel myself being let down. It is not that hard to build for a PPV that has most of the time eaten up by one match. It is also not that hard to increase ratings if you just go on to ANY social network and see how disappointed fans have been. Just take what you are doing now, and do the opposite cause hell, a shockingly questionable surprise is better than a predictable dumb one.

    Vince is pulling the greatest screw job of all... Vince screwing the fans. Thanks Vince. Just bend each and every one of us over, leave the lube at home, and make us all your bitch.
  2. Vince has done predictable rumbles since 2013. It's prob not changing any time soon.
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  4. Everyone needs to let go of hopes for Daniel Bryan making a return.

    I'm sure there will be 1 or 2 non relavent old timers making a surprise return.

    The most we can hope for is lights go out and Taker is at the rumble. That's about the most surprising thing WWE will do at this point.
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  5. Stop killing my dreams!!! :sad:
  6. Well the way WWE is now with no top guys they are really relying on it, I thought for the rumble they can go all out and throw Bryan and Taker in it too, heck even send in Balor, Joe, Zayn and fucking Styles as surprises. But whatever they do don't have it end Reigns as one of the last standing, have him eliminated halfway through by shocker. I for one wanna see Owens be the last man standing until Trips comes in to win the belt. Owen can lose due to Lesnar because I WANT THAT FUCKING MANIA MATCH
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  7. Anything they do at this point that we can't predict will be best option cause at this point, they don't seem to be doing what's best for business.
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  8. Yeah unless Vince finally lets Paul Heyman run the show, but that'll never happen
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  9. IF there should be surprise returns. The rumble is the perfect time of the WWE year.

    Why do people complain?
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  10. Because the returns are stupid, I'm am in my office rn with cabin fever... Es stupid and wwe es stupid and I wanna drive far away from here... But alas I want my money good thing I still get time for this while I work, think about it, do the returns make impacts on the company in he future? Exactly! We never seen that guy return to the company after a long ass time and make an impact. Maybe cuz when WWE tried it with Batsita they picked a reallly bad time but the returns mean nothing, all of this in WWE now means nothing, this product sucks. My hobby now instead of watching wrestling in just talking about it now, I don't think that's what WWE wants lol. It's damn cynism sometimes now watching this shit. Everything is shit. (lol it's gotta be 4PM fast)
  11. The rumble returns are not supposed to "have an impact". They are fun nostalgia moments.
    Don't take the rumble entrants seriously, WWE almost always have a clear plan for who wins it. Just stick around for the ride.

    I'll pop if Nash shows up. I'll pop for Booker T. I'll chuckle if old ass Bob Backlund comes out.

    A key factor in enjoying watching wrestling is to not take it so seriously IMO and being able to laugh at the silly or dumb stuff.
    Or finding another wrestling company to watch, the moment I started watching non-WWE wrestling I also started enjoying what I saw from WWE more as well.
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  12. Yeah you got a point idk I just take a lot of shit seriously
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  13. If there are any surprises at all, I think they'll be either all NXT guys or if they want some actual surprise entrants, the top five I would have are realistic possibilities are AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura (it's been indicated that the deals that they signed were not NXT deals), RVD, Rhyno, and Boogeyman.
  14. To be clear, I am referring to the ones who announce their entry not the ones who actually just show up and wrestle and the rr.
  15. I'm expecting Joe and other established? NXT guys up, Ryder and the job squad will all see short runs...but I love y2j. It's not a secret i'm a Jerichoholic, and him being back is nearly enough by itself to get me to even WATCH WWE. From what I've gathered, December and Jan so far have had 1 decently rated RAW, fuck that.

    I'll watch the rumble because it's one of the few things WWE cannot fuck up in my book.
  16. I think that for the most part the show has gone way past mediocre and unfortunately not towards the "better" direction. I mean, just take the latest RAW for example:

    a) what was the purpose of Ryback vs the Big Show? what exactly are they fighting for?
    b) what was the purpose of ADR and Rusev going against the Usos?
    c) what is the purpose of yet ANOTHER faction, this one with Axel, Rose, Slater and Bo Dallas? Seriously, someone please give me some insight.
    d) what was the purpose of Titus O'nil vs Stardust?

    It makes you wonder sometimes exactly what WWE creative are smoking in order to come up with such boring nonsense to fill out a 3 hour show...
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  17. The 4 jobbers get time on the TV show and WWE gets a waste of 3 segments all in one.
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  18. I'm fine with surprise returns, even though most of 'em don't end up winning, but I still enjoy the ride.

    DB, Rollins and Cesaro would be my favorite surprise returns at this year's Rumble, though.
  19. I think the problem is not what they are smoking... The problem is that they stopped. :true:
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  20. hahahahaha!!!! excellent point
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