"No, No."

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  1. Daniel Bryan is that you? :no:

  2. :lol1: telemarketing.

    I have done it as a job before... :downer:
  3. Did it for a little under 3 weeks before a customer called me out and I walked out. He was extremely polite and asked me if I enjoyed calling people during mealtime. I said no, and his rebuttal was something like "so you cant choose the hours you call, but how many democrats (it was a republican place, which I was and still am) do you call a day? I replied a grip, and he asked if i thought anything I was doing was making things better, or do I think that I am doing damage to the party I support by calling people during all hours, only to ask them to donate to multi-millionaires, when 70% of their funds come from only a handful of people. I thanked him, hung up the call, went outside and smoked, and cancelled every call for the rest of my day lol. My boss got a notification on it and came to see me like 30 minutes to close to let me know he needed to talk to me after I clocked out. I told him to fuck himself, handed him my headset, and dipped.
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