No offence to the Diva's section, but this has to be said

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. A few months ago, I saw a story about Tiffany not wanting to sleep with people to keep her job.

    So, what in the world are AJ and Eve doing backstage?
    I'm really wondering, because of all the backstage-politics and stuff.

    Serious question, think about it..
  2. Ignore Tiffany. I've read numerous reports that Eve is a very classy woman. She's their top promoter outside of WWE too if you ignore Kelly Kelly. She's constantly doing media, think of her as the Miz of the divas division. Also, AJ is a very talented diva. She was aligned with Daniel Bryan to help develop his character as a heel who doesn't care for AJ who's love stricken. That turned into the current storyline, you can't use anyone else but AJ because of the history. Think about it bro.
  3. You thinking what I am thinking? :jericho:
  4. Eve is the most classy diva WWE currently has/had in the past 10+ years.
    She's never posed nude/semi-nude and is very intellectual.
    She knows she doesn't have to do things like sleep with writers etc. to keep her job. She's not as easy to manipulate as say, Kelly Kelly would be.

    Tiffany is a retard, don't listen to anything she says.

    AJ has talent and the creative team can see it.
  5. Tiffany = RETARD!

    Aj and Eve are really classy. Unlike KK and Tiff.
  6. AJ/Eve are not sleeping around to get these pushes
  7. I wouldn't say they're sleeping around from what I know.
  8. Just wondering, thanks!