No one should take the NFL seriously

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DarksideTrin, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Just for the fact that they are using inept officials on field... Did I hear right that one team was assessed an 11 yard penalty for something? That wasn't pass interference?

    Now, Im no football mark, but this is pretty pathetic!!

    The NHL has the soundest business model of all sports and they are trying to nickel and dime the refs.. this is unacceptable!!!

    NFL... PLEASE, Fire your Randy Savage calibre officials and give the fans a game they can respect again.

    This prolly wont be dealt with seriously by the NFL until someone gets SERIOUSLY hurt

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  3. the NHL with their 1 lockout per 5 year average. Lmao, yea, great business model they've got going for them
  4. This is something I can agree with you on. :pity:
  5. Considering I am always right, disagreeing with me is a pretty pointless thing to do.
  6. Fine be that way why cant we just get along
  7. whoops i meant NFL.. my bad
  8. Lanny... Hate to say it but you're right. These refs are out of control, and the league is doing what about it? Nothing, since it's not hurting their bottom line. Just like with WWE, we'll whine and bitch on the internet all day but still watch, still buy merch and support their team colors... Goodell used to be all about player safety and the integrity of the game, but he'll gladly sell that out to save a few bucks. What a horrible person.
  9. Goodell is a **** but you can blame the owners for this. Goodell is their puppet, so it is their billionaire asses refusing to give the refs the tiny pay bump they are asking for.
  11. NFLis just so damn fun to watch though :sad:
  12. What this child molester said.
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  13. Cfl is more fun to watch
  14. Tbh Sport in general is losing out because of shitty officials. Football is the same, though it's introducing goal-line technology it seems but every game there's multiple bad calls. UFC has fucked up judges now it seems.

    Tennis countered their issues well with the hawk-eye system, I do think technology will help officiating a lot but then the good old "is it good for the game?" debate comes into play.
  15. Always does... Shitty reffing is always going to be in every game... Gives everyone something to bitch about
  16. I can understand it, they can't just cave to anyone asking for a tiny bit more money, otherwise we'd have more strikes like this... but come on guys, this is ridiculous.

    Lets do some uneducated maths. :steiner:
    Just counting the 7 officials on the field for each of the 16 games in a given week, that would be a $35,714 pay bump for each official... Makes a little more sense.
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