NO ONE will enter MLB Hall Of Fame this year.

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  1. Biggio's 68% (388 of the 569 votes) came the closest in the first shutout by the Baseball Writers Association of America since 1996. Bonds and Clemens, like Biggio on the ballot for the first time, weren't even close with Bonds getting 36.2% and Clemens receiving 37.6

    Do you think anyone deserved to get in?

    This was Dale Murphy's last year so he will never be in now.
    Mark Mcgwire?
    Don Mattingly?
    Kenny Lofton?
    David Wells?
    Sammy Sosa?
    Mike Stanton?

    There was probably more but really? Not one of these guys? I know a lot are linked to roids but some aren't. Oh well. Discuss if you agree or disagree
  2. I really thought it was Jack Morris' year and Tim Raines had a good following. I message was sent this year. I also think Lee Smith should get more love, he was the all time saves leader for 13 years.
  3. :true: can't believe i forgot Jack Morris.
  4. I liked Dale Murphy a lot as a player maybe a five tool guy, but he gets no love either. Kenny Lofton only got 3.2% of the vote that's crazy.
  5. Do you know where I can find the % of each player that was up for election?
  6. I would think that would have it, but I'm not sure. I've been watching the MLB network.
  7. Sounds good :obama:
  8. PIazza got 57% of the votees on his first try. I thought he was a first balloter IMO. He is the most powerful hitting catcher in MLB history. He never tested for steroids (although i'm sure he used)
  9. Here's my problem with Piazza....I hate him, but he should have got in. I'm from Mass so anything New York is garbage to me. My sister is a Mets fan, so go figure. However, they have this nonsense where you have to be Babe Ruth to get in on the first ballot. In my opinion if you are worthy you should get in first ballot. Some voters just wont vote for anyone from that generation because of steroid speculation.....nonsense.
  10. Should have been Rose by himself. He only bet on his team to win, I could understand if he made them lose so he could gain from it. Have MLB apologize to him and make him the only inductee.
  11. Yea I think Rose should get in, but unfortunately he never will. That was basically his 1990 Reds team that won it all.
  12. I think if you've had a clean career and haven't been tied to steroids then you should be nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame. Those that haven't tried to cheat the system and got incredible success in their careers deserve to be honored. The sport has taken such a hit with all of the steroids/performance enhancing drug's very sad.
  13. I see your point, but it seems like everyone at the time was on something. Most of the substances didn't become banned until after the record breaking season Sosa/McGwire had. IMO it saved the sport from the basement it was in after the strike. Also, steroids don't help you hit the ball or locate a pitch, that still requires a natural talent. If I were a pitcher at the time and saw everyone juicing, I would too so that I could keep up with them and keep my job in the bigs.
  14. LOL. My grandfather was an original brooklyn dodgers fan and converted to the Mets. I followed suit and growing up Piazza was the man. I am being a homer in wanting him to get in but I think he deserved first ballot. For sure next year IMO
  15. I see what you're saying too. There seems to be a predicament for that very reason - we either refuse to add anyone else to the Hall of Fame and disrespect those that weren't juicing or we induct some of them to the Hall of Fame that had been cheating after all. It's quite the lose-lose situation.
  16. The steroid scandle really has voters off. I'd love if they just let Pete Rose in.
  17. Mike Piazza for sure.
  18. This, please.
  19. I think Piazza was left out because he is a rumoured Homosexual. I'm going to see how CM Punk feels about this later.
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