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  1. *Spike cox is sitting in a chair with his feet kicked up and his IMC title over his shoulder, looking like he dosnt have a care in the wolrd. Camera man approachs him.*

    Camera man: Spike you know your match is next right?
    Spike cox: Yes i do, what about it?
    Camera man: Its just, isn't it best getting prepared for your triple threat match against Will Neilson and Cali?
    *Spike cox begins to laugh being very obnoxious.*

    Spike cox: Listen. When youre a man of my size, my skill, my strength, you don't need to prepare. Especially when one's a weasel I've already destroyed, and the other one is a nobody in this Company! So don't be surprised when i squash two bugs with one boot, and pick up the victory without braking a sweat.
    Camera man: what happens if they decide to team up to take you out, Wouldn't that even there chances?
    *Spike cox looks intensely at the camera*

    Spike cox: if they were smart whitch there not, but if they cared the slightest about there career they would lay down and allow me to pin them for the 1, 2, 3... And people say im a bad guy, im willing to give them one chance to not get obliterated. Surely that makes me a good guy, right?
    Camera man: Ehh no, no it dosnt.
    Spike cox: what if i give you five second to get out of my sight, Dose that make me a good guy?
    Camera man: well ehh...
    Spike cox: 5!!! You better start running. 4!!!
    *Camera man runs away.*

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