No RAW Next Monday?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Well, this is weird.


    It doesn't show April 16th RAW in there. Did they made a mistake on the website?
  2. It's in the UK next Monday. Probably why it's not listed there.
  3. Oh. It's not gonna be Live I guess then.

  4. Yeah, it's going to be in the UK next week.
  5. Yeah which means spoilers will probably be posted here before it's on TV, so expect a less busy discussion thread.
  6. Fuck the UK. They should have to go to the show at 2 in the morning so it can still be live

    That's how the UFC rolls; When they were in Japan the show started at like 3 in the morning. America >> All
  7. Why the fuck? So damn unfair.

  8. We're in the future.

    UK > US

    Meh, I can't say that with any real conviction. It sucks being here apart from out crowds are so much better than US crowds (apart from New York).
  9. The crowds are only better because you are deprived of shows. If 99% of the shows were in the UK and 1% of them were in the US, US crowds would put the good UK crowds to shame, and the UK crowds would be just as bad if not worse than the US crowds of today.
  10. Hi I'm Dolph I make up hypotheticals and claim them to be facts.

    There is much less WWE fans in the UK, which means the UK fans that do go are hardcore fans most of the time. We don't bring people to a WWE event for a "day out" like most of the US crowds, it's not a big deal in the UK. If there were more shows here, the crowds would not change.
  11. Agree to disagree. If you were as overexposed to the WWE as American fans, your fanatical crowds would die out.
  12. Miami crowd > Everyone.
  13. Meanwhile in Australia, we have the best timezone for a live RAW, but we've never gotten a live or even taped RAW ever.

    Fuck, we don't even have house shows every year >.<
  14. Miami sucks balls out side of that Raw crowd imo and that was down to the WM crowd.
  15. if it was popular here yes, if it continues to be the non-cool thing to like here (resulting in only smarks/hardcore marks to attend) then no. But yeah, hypotheticals are exactly that, hypothetical.
  16. Its going to tape OH NO!
  17. Miami definitely sucks balls. It is made up of retired old people and illegal Cubans, none of whom care about wrestling or sports. Any time you see a Heat game the stands are always half filled, it's pathetic.
  18. Your forgot HELL. :otunga:
  19. No! But I am going to be piss that it going to be tape though!
  20. I would love to live in Miami though. And it being taped doesn't affect you Randy unless you read the spoilers. The show will be so much better than this weeks mainly because of the crowd.