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  1. Speaks volumes IMO. I was going to proudly post that I wouldn't have to watch Raw for a second straight week, but interest is so low we don't even have a thread yet.

    Why is WWE bumping it's own ass so hard this fiscal year? It really seems nobody could give less of a fuck about the current product, even moreso than before. No Punk (lol)? Rock disappearing when we expected him to work ER? Continuing to force Lesnar/Big Nose down our throats? Ryback Rules? most people dig the shield as the driving force of that feud, but the match itself is going to blow.

    The last two years ER has delivered for smarks where Mania disappointed, and it started with the build. This year WWE is squandering the opportunity to earn back some smark trust following yet another shit Mania.

    Am I reading this right, or is there ashley some hype for WWE that I am missing? What can WWE do to make us or anyone give a fuck?
  2. They need to bring back characters dammit! I'm tired of these generic characters with the dark trunks and vanilla personalities. As much as I hate on Fandango, he's a step in the right direction. We need some fucking showmanship! Give guys like DB and Zigs the ball and see if they can run with it. Anything to change up the monotony at this point.
  3. ER was good in 2011? All I remember was Christian winning the World Championship. Which could affect my overall rating.
  4. Honestly that's about all I remember as well. Which automatically made it better than Mania for me. The drama surrounding Edge's retirement was a massive point of interest for the build of the PPV around that time as well.

    Isn't that the cage match where Miz actually took some bumps as well? Much better than the TERRIBLE Miz/cena main event. That was also Layla's face turn (the last time I cared about Divas, the split of Lay-Cool :(( )

    so yea, it was quite a bit better than Mania that year.
  5. I'm actually looking forward to Extreme Rules this year.

    And in case no one is aware, it is Bret Hart Appreciation Night tonight. I would hope for a Shield beat down but I don't think that's likely with a stroke victim. They could at least tease it.
  6. Not sure who wins there.

    What? Kofi beat Sheamus?


    They had a good feud, so nothing to complain about

    Kharma debut? cool

    Reason for PPV being awesome.

    Testify would enjoy it.

    Totally forgot about Jomo and the match.
  7. Is the event in Calgary? I don't see why they need to dust Bret off for this event. I honestly can't stand when he comes around. He is the opposite of charismatic on the stick these days.

    What matches on the card are you looking forward to, just out of curiosity?
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  8. Bret Hart has never been particularly charismatic in the first place. Though he does look depressed and out of it more so than usual these days.

    As for Extreme Rules, nothing on the card really has me moaning, though I care about some matches more than others. Everything looks to have at least some sort of entertainment value:

    -Cena/Ryback, just to see if Cena's injury is severe enough to cause him to lose the title. Because of the LMS stip, it can't be too bad.

    -HHH/Brock, can't be that bad either considering the stipulation. I also want to see Lesnar win this feud and whether he manages to do so on his own or has to rely on The Shield interfering on his behalf. The latter is speculation, but they've already teased The Shield attacking HHH before. I'm hoping Lesnar wins it on his own and then The Shield attack HHH the next night on Raw.

    -The triple threat ladder match can't possibly be bad. Lots of bumping (especially on Ziggler's part assuming his concussion isn't bad enough to extract him from the match.)

    -The Shield/Team Hell No, should be a good/great match and awesome to see The Shield finally take in some gold.

    -Henry/Sheamus should be a decently entertaining match, wanna see Henry win.

    -Orton/Show can't be that bad considering it's an extreme rules match at least.

    -Only if they add AJ/Katilyn would I start to moan, but even that wouldn't be so bad because I'd want to see AJ become champion so her and Ziggler could walk around both carrying titles.

    It actually looks to be a pretty worthy PPV overall.
  9. We always have our discussion threads up pretty late now'adays. It's no big deal dude.
  10. I swear sometimes your posts read like a mark typed them up, but we all know better. You really think there is a snowball's chance in hell that Cena is losing? come on man. HHH/Brock might put me to sleep, I barely cared about that feud when it started 8 months ago. Triple threat will be the one thing I'm highly anticipating, though I'm unsure why considering the shit build and the shit booking DZ constantly receives. I'm sure he will win only after Big E, AJ, Zeb, Ricardo, The Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot and the ghost of Chris Benoit all get involved first.

    Hell No/Shield will be fine. Nothing to get my balls tingling. Henry/Sheamus will be the most fun match of the night IMO, which says a TON about this card. Then you said Orton/Show wouldn't be that bad.

    You are really reaching to try and stay optimistic
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  11. Except for you and K Lockard it seems like most agree with me. WWE has no momentum
  12. WWE itself may be stale or whatever at the moment, but interest hasn't dropped here. I thought that was your point. I didn't read the rest of the thread.
  13. Depends on what you mean by a drop in interest. People might still discuss it, but what is generally a 75/25 negative/positive dynamic is becoming even more lopsided to the point of 90+% of the posts being nothing but shitting on the company, shows, build and PPVs.
  14. Those are completely made up numbers. There isn't more shitting on WWE than ever. It's the IWC, it's our job to shit on it.

    I've actually seen much more positivity since The Shield debuted. There is something that 99% of us enjoy on RAW and SmackDown every single week.
  15. I honestly don't know why I bother with you. You always have the rose tinted glasses on, brother. They are made up numbers to help illustrate my point, but people are more down on WWE than usual and if you don't think so just go read some threads in the ER section.
  16. >Negativity
    >Oh my god everyone hates WWE now

    You've been here for ages, you should know nothing has changed lmao. We have always shat on WWE. The build to ER is hit or miss, but I made a post in there saying I'm actually pumped for ER and people seemed to agree with me. I'm not going to go around and say everyone loves WWE now though am I? Chill dude. I just don't think there is this huge demise that you seem to, because WWE isn't even in the worst place it has been in recent history. The future is bright.
  17. Agree to disagree. I see what I see, you can perceive things that you see how you want to perceive them. And stop telling me to chill lmfao. I can't make an observational thread without it meaning I'm not chill?
  18. If not for Cena's injury, then no, I wouldn't even ponder the possibility he could lose the title. As it is now, I'd still easily side with him retaining but there's a slight chance at least that if he is forced into time off, he could drop it to Ryback. Knowing there's a small chance there makes it a little more exciting.

    HHH/Brock put me to sleep leading up to Wrestlemania but that's because I didn't want to see happen again on the grand stage. If the Summerslam rematch had happened on a lesser PPV, I wouldn't have been bothered and that's why I'm not minding it for this PPV. Perhaps knowing the feud is almost over and knowing Lesnar has a 99.9% chance of walking out the dominant one in the feud is what has me mostly excited about the match.

    The rest is all pretty good or still decent at worst. Looking at it as just a three hour PPV card and judging whether it'll be boring or not, I see nothing wrong with it.
  19. Sorry. Chill dude.
  20. Chill the fuck out bro.
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