Kayfabe No Respect

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  1. Reginald: This is it. Are you ready?
    Buster Gates: He made his mistake... Now he's going to pay for it.
    *Buster cracks his neck and begins shadow boxing.*
    Reginald: The Blade is...
    Buster Gates: An idiot? Undeserving? Small? Poor? Insignificant? Not worthy of my time? Take your pick.
    Reginald: I was going to say "different". You faced smaller guys before...
    Buster Gates: No I've broken and squashed smaller guys before. Come on, Reg.
    Reginald: Yes, but this guy is actually good.
    *Buster turns to face Reginald.*
    Buster Gates: Reg... How many guys have I faced that you've thought were good? It's as if you forget who I am... I am undefeated. Not a single person here has beat me. Not one. Sooner or later more people will treat me with the respect I deserve. Have you seen the state of some of the people who step up to me?
    Reginald: Yes, but...
    Buster Gates: NO! Let me finish! Every single week some guy is chosen to face me. ME. Buster Gates. And what do they do? They trash talk. They think they've got balls and they act like i'm not a big deal, then they step into the ring and I take them down. And then! Then they go back about their business as if they aren't a fool! That's not how this shit works, Reg! I am a big deal! I am the BIGGEST DEAL! When someone steps into the ring with me their stock goes up. Win or lose people go, "Oh damn, he's that guy who faced Buster that one time". People don't come up to me and say "Weren't you so and so's opponent?" No, people come up to me and say "Wow, you're Buster Gates, the guy who wins." And they're god damn right I win. That's what I do. I am the biggest draw in this company and I've taken down everyone. EVERYONE, who has stepped in my way so far. That's where The Blade went wrong. He hasn't had a single match yet last week he comes out and attacks me?! Who the FUCK does he think he is?! No respect at all...
    Reginald: It's not like you show much respect to your opponents though, sir.
    Buster Gates: Why should I? No-one can beat me! If I went in that ring and somebody actually managed to pin me, they would get my respect. I would have to take them down and extract some revenge but they would have my respect. Everyone is stepping up to me like Billy Big Bollocks and they aren't getting any respect. The Blade is just another runt who thinks he's tough when he isn't. Tonight i'll show that... Then our plan can begin.
    Reginald: Oh yes, the plan. What if you lose? If that happens, surely that's not going to look good going forward.
    Buster Gates: Well... That's not going to happen. I'm sure i'll be fine, then "WE" will move forward.
    Reginald: I hope you're right...
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