WrestleMania No Shaq?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WrestlingKing93, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. It's a good thing in my opinion. With Rock-Cena, HHH-Taker, Punk-Jericho, etc., we really don't need any other attention drawn to a celebrity appearance. And when you think about it, The Rock would technically count as a celebrity appearance this year.

    Big Show and Cody Rhodes seem to have a rivalry building. Hopefully they'll go at it in a IC Title match. It's been ten years since we've had an IC Title match at Wrestlemania (not counting that 21 second match at WM24.)
  2. To be honest want him to appear and fight Big Show. That way Big Show stays away from ruining Rhodes and every other superstar. Plus he'll lose.
  3. If Big Show and Rhodes fought, I see them putting Rhodes over Show somehow.
  4. Who has gone over Show cleanly whilst Show has been face?

    He makes no one look good. He SHOULD put Rhodes over though I agree.
  5. I really hope it doesn't happen. I'm really tired of seeing Big Show involved in almost every celebrity appearance in WrestleMania.

  6. I would be dissapoint to not see the Cody vs Goldust match.
  7. Same to be honest (we agree for once). The brother vs brother feud could of been epic.
  8. It stops him damaging more talented individuals, so if he must appear I'd rather it be jobbing to a celeb.
  9. I hope Big Show spears Y2J out of the WWE.
  10. :fire:
  11. I bet Show calls Y2J's momma Crayo.
  12. I hope Big Show spears Y2J, Punk and Bryan to win the undisputed WWE championship were he will defend it in 3 minute squashes against Ambrose and 2 hour iron matches vs Khali.

    Show Spoiler
    That's how you :troll: Crayo
  13. Why the hell?
  14. No, I like Punk and Bryan, but I absolutely hate Y2J.... and the Rock now..
  15. Actually, if Show and Rhodes do end up fighting, I'd definitely put money on Show winning, since Rhodes is making fun of Show for losing so many times at Wrestlemania.
  16. Thank god! I don't want another big outside of WWE get in match and beat a WWE Wrestler AGAIN ITS BS!
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