No spoilers: Reasons to buy gtaV now.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. I have had a lot of friends who have played gtaV both ways. Nearly all beat it in 2-3 days (which means for me about a week, i like to just randomly kill shit and skip story) and the ones who havent are responsible, which is a quality im not great at.

    So without spoiling, what makes gtaV so great? I am not too huge on the 3 character deal, but i havent heard how that translates online. Most friends say it's glitchy, and internet is really hit or miss with anyone not in your friends list. I want to get the game but redbox only has ps3 and i dont fuck with sonys bitch asses unless its mlb the show.

    Any help would be appreciated, as im sure im not the only one on the fence, deciding if this game will give me my $60 worth, or if i should wait for it to go black thursday(amazona)/Black friday deals, where im sure itll be 25.
  2. Its a really good game with improved graphics and gameplay, The story is great and Trevor is hilarious. Online is good when it works which they are working to fix. I am not sure when Black Friday is but if you are not in desperate to have it I would wait and save yourself the cash
  3. Black friday is the day after the day when my land was stolen.
  4. It's just one of those games that keeps me super entertained for a long period of time, and not many games can do that for me. The story is long and there is tons of shit to do and on top of that, finally got connected online and it's extremely fun.
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  5. Aka when i celebrate your land being stolent. Amazon gives you 100% cred with black thursday. They are pretty awesome like that.
  6. That's mean
  7. I highly recommend the game.

    The story mode is great, I myself was skeptical on the whole three character use, but Rockstar made it work near perfect for me. There's a lot to do, even after you beat the story mode there are plenty of side missions and entertaining dialogue throughout it all. There are plenty of mini games like golf and tennis, and just driving around town you'll find much stuff to do. And if you ever want to do something to make the whole singles mode seem fresh, just switch between characters.

    Online, it makes the game just even better. Right when you get off the plane, that's it. You need to do jobs, and make money to buy apartments, garages, homes and everything. It sounds like a drag, but it is very very fun once you get sucked into it. The only thing about online is, becareful for those assholes who drive around killing people for no reason, those are the real scumbags of the game.
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  8. Failed sarcastic joke? Sorry bud.

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  10. I personally don't find the campaign long. So that won't be much of a hassle.
    Online isn't really glitchy from my personal experience and they're probably adding more servers as we speak to make it more stable.

    On Online you can:
    - Do missions with friends
    - Create your own crews
    - Race online
    - Team Deathmatch
    - Rob Banks/Stores
    - Just roam around the city with people and cause mayhem

    That's for online, but the campaign is pretty fun as well.
  11. Can't say it wouldn't hurt
  12. Apart from the storyline being absolutely amazing the map is massive and there is always stuff to do in it. Whether it's free roaming,killing cops for fun,doing side missions,or, playing mini-games there is always something fun to do. Online takes it to a whole different level. Being able to rob banks with friends and running around with them doing missions,races,drugs,strip clubs,team death matches,etc is always great and never gets boring. Also,having to build up your bank to buy better cars and big apartments online makes it quite realistic. If there's only one game you could get this year it should definitely be GTA V.
  13. I'll play it with you. :russo:

    The story is good, the online can use some tweaking but over all, 8/10 for me. And I am a picky gamer. I give COD 6/10 most of the time and I firmly enjoy that game. :tyson:
  14. Or do it virtually, you do save a shit load of money :true:
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  15. You're a pussy if you don't own it.
  16. If only we had a gaming section.
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  18. If you haven't bought it, you should. As a person who also wasn't too thrilled about the single player, the story is fairly interesting. There is the odd boring mission, but I'd say most are entertaining. The heists being the real missions and they're really fun to plan out and then do, you get multiple angles and you can replay the mission so you can do it both ways. Plus the way each character interacts with the enviroment is absolutely awesome. The online is pretty fun if you have friends to play it with, you can race around and even save up for your own apartment and garage. I'd say it's GOTY2013 so far at least home console wise anyways.
  19. Apparently I break this mold... People think I am a cat & I own the game. :pity:
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