No Stone Cold Steve Austin

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. [align=justify]Since Ace is being fired there's no reason to bring back Austin. So does this mean no Austin? :(( :cry:[/align]
  2. Who is to say Ace is being fired? I personally don't think he will be.
  3. There's a leak from WWE saying that he will be fired.
  4. I think he did lose his job as executive vice president of talent relations and now only plays an on screen character. I think his on screen character will also be changed.

  5. So he'll still be a character on TV and nothing really changes? Probably not even another GM character in place...
  6. So no reason for Cold Stone to come in.
  7. cold should still come
  8. I'm not sure if SCSA will come, but this is not a reason for him not to. He was just fired as EVP of Talent Relations. He's still an on screen character.
  9. You don't need Ace for SCSA.
  10. I've got Cena vs Big Show and Ace at Sydney when they come to Australia and that's on 31st of August so he'll be around till then and probably later.
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