No Way Out 2001 Is One Of The Greatest PPV's Of All Time

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    It's not often that a B-PPV can be considered one of the greatest PPV events of all time, but after running through this one again on the Network, I feel a rare exception would be No Way Out 2001. Just an all-around excellent card, from top to bottom: Kurt/Rock for the WWF Title (excellent match), Austin and HHH's 3 Stages Of Hell match (one of the best matches either man ever had, plus a wonderful climax to their heated rivalry), Stephanie vs Trish (a surprisingly good match), a fatal four-way for the Intercontinental Title that was fast-paced and action-packed, the Hardcore and triple-threat Tag Team Championship matches were good, and while Lawler vs Richards was meh, six out of seven isn't bad.

    For anyone looking for a great random PPV to watch who wasn't around as a fan back then to see this, I would suggest checking this one out. (And Wrestlemania 17 the following month, if you haven't already done so.)

    This really showed what kind of roll the WWF were on heading into 2001. You had an awesome Rumble PPV (still the best ever imo), this (still the best No Way Out PPV as well as the best February PPV period imo), and then an awesome Wrestlemania (also still the best ever imo), all three in a row back-to-back. I don't think any other year in history has started off as strong as 2001... which makes how the year slowly turned out after this (Austin's heel turn, failed WCW invasion angle, etc.) all the more disappointing, but that's a rant for another topic.
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  2. Was Chris Kresky still on board with the E at the time?
  3. I don't think so. He was fired/let go in the Fall of the previous year.
  4. It's been 5-6 years since watching the 3SOH, might check it one of these days. I don't like Angle/Rock, tho, their 2000 stuff was much better.
  5. I imagine it would be one of the greatest B-PPV's.
    If Wrestlemania X-7 is considered one of the best (and most loaded) it stands to reason the PPV directly before would be extremely hot.
  6. Watching the RR now, NWO tomorrow, and WM Sunday. Great call, so far 2 matches into the RR and good god that IC match.
  7. I believe I watched this event live back in the day with my pops but I'm about to borrow my friends info and watch this tomorrow or the next day when I get the chance.
  8. How the fuck is this featured? Slow news day?
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  9. Bug in automatic featuring.
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  10. I got Raw from the night after rumble through wm and into august (not sure if i'll go that far) along with the ppv's and I have to say even the RAW events are so much > today. I'm watching SCSA and HHH vs Rock and Angle in the main event, with Austin and HHH having the stip of 6 month suspension for hhh vs no WM for Austin if they have an altercation, and Rock facing Angle at NWO for the belt.

    That is how a tag match should be, it's just awesome to watch people who hate each other on that level go at it. Oh and the rest of the card was decent to say the least, the only negative is Stephanie's outfit that night. Wooftah.
  11. For me 2000 was way better.