no way out 2012 fantasy card

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  1. all right i want to hear your no way out 2012 card
  2. no way out 2012 fantisy card

    Triple H vs Shawn Michaels (3 stages of hell. 1. Extreme Rules. 2. Ladder. 3. Hell In A Cell.)
    The Rock vs Batista
    Brock Lesnar vs Ryback (Extreme Rules)
    Lord Tensai vs Brodus Clay (30 minute Iron Man)
    CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (Submission Match)
    Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
    Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz
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  3. no way out 2012 fantisy card

    It's hard to say because No Way Out is a minor gimmick PPV. I don't want any of my fantasy matches to take place at this PPV :S.
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  4. no way out 2012 fantisy card

    What I'm expecting..

    Big Show vs John Cena - Cage match (Obvious stip is obvious)

    Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk

    Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

    Layla vs Beth Phoenix

    Sheamus vs Berto - Cage Match

    Christian vs Rhodes

    Primo and Epico vs Little Boom

    Pre show - Otunga vs Santino

    Winners -

    Primo & Epico


    What I would like (realisticly) since Cena/Show is announced

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk (IM match next PPV)

    Sheamus vs Jericho vs Ziggler

    Layla vs Beth - Kharma return

    Big Show vs John Cena - Barb Wire Steel cage match (No door escapes)

    Ryback vs Tensai

    Orton vs Del Rio

    Sandow vs Santino

    Pre Show -

    Gauntlet match - Little boom vs 1st Usos, 2nd Reks & Hawkins 3rd P & E

    Winners -

    P & E (Cause of storyline)
    Ryback/Tensai - No Contest somehow or another
    urgh..Cena I guess..
    Layla - Kharma takes out Beth and Beth wins next PPV for Summerslam match
    Daniel Bryan :yes:
  5. no way out 2012 fantisy card

    Isn't Miz sort of feuding with Clay?
  6. RE: no way out 2012 fantisy card

    I thought that might be over now after he was buried multiple times? Oh well, that match is easily replaceable.
  7. no way out 2012 fantisy card

    William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu tables match Youtube Pre-show

    Shane McMahon vs Johnny Laryngitis - winner will be the GM

    Daniel Bryan vs CM punk 30 minute submission iron man match - for WWE Championship

    Kharma(surprise entry on that night introduced by eve) vs Layla vs Beth Phoenix - for Divas Championship

    Christian (IC champion) vs Cody Rhodes(US champion) in a title unification match

    The Miz & Alex Riley vs R-truth & Kofi Kingston vs Kane & Dolph Ziggler(dont like Swagless so got rid of him) - Tag Team Championship

    Ryback vs Brodus Clay

    Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus TLC match - Heavy Weight Championship

    John Cena vs Big Show in a Cage match

    Winners are in green.
  8. no way out 2012 fantisy card

    The card will probably be:

    Cena vs Show

    Punk vs Bryan

    Sheamus vs Del Rio

    Jericho vs Orton

    Christian vs Cody

    Kofi & Truth vs Ziggler & Swagger vs Primo & Epico

    Ryback vs (insert jobber)

    Layla vs Beth (could very well be some other diva, I'm not sure)

    Pre Show: Santino vs Otunga

    Or something along those lines.
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