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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. Is there any way for sure, a superstar cannot interfere in a match?

    We see them climbing cages or opening the door in cage matches.
    We see them ripping the Hell in a Cell door off.
    They knock out special guest refs.
    Lumberjacks take sides.
    And last but not least, we saw the Ring of Fire match get killed off before it could even be a better option then the others and Inferno match.

    So what's the point of these matches? They make a big deal out of them, saying no one can interfere, but then shit strikes and people interfere. The one that disappointed me the most though was the Ring of Fire. Would have been prefect, but no. Had to put out the fire :upset:
  2. Yeah, this matches have lost their lusters as far as no interference goes. Pretty stupid psychology.
  3. I was so upset with the ending of the Kane/Wyatt match at SS. I wanted Bray to go over Clean, he wasn't supposed to need an outside interference from 2 guys to beat Kane.
  4. Elimination Chamber? I'm sure no one from the roster can interfere in that match.
  5. -In a steel cage match, you can always cold-cock the referee and then open up the cage door and get inside. Or you can swing a chair at someone when they're trying to climb down to the floor.

    -In a HIAC match, you can always knock the referee out and take the key from him and open up the cell door.

    -You can have Chuck Norris stand around the ring as the enforcer (or some other likewise bad ass) but even then, the attacker could come from the crowd and interfere behind their back. Watch Survivor Series 1994 to see what I mean.

    -During a EC match, someone can slip in when the chamber door is opened (when an eliminated wrestler is exiting the ring.) Either that or someone can slip something into the ring to help one of the participants, like Flair sliding the sledgehammer to HHH at Summerslam 2003.

    -You can put a blanket over the flames in an Inferno/Ring Of Fire match as we've just now seen.

    -The lumberjacks always choose sides, so that pretty much explains itself.

    -You can always make it simple and state you'll fire anyone who interferes. But then the lights could just go out and the attack could happen in the dark. By the time the lights come back on, the damage is already done and there's no proof of who actually made the attack (What will you do, fire the entire roster?) Either that, or someone who isn't even part of the roster could make the save. Dibiase's brother attacking Cena during Summerslam 2009, for example.

    -You could have cops standing all around the entrance and around the ring with nightsticks drawn, ready to whoop ass on anyone who dares to come from the back or through the crowd. But then the "lights go out" trick could still be used, with someone perhaps emerging from underneath the ring and then back to whence they came without detecting the cops. Another way around it is to have the cops paid off by a heel, or to have them all be hired muscle who have actually beaten the shit out of the real police and taken their uniforms. The real police could be discovered in a closet in the back tied up in their underwear or something.

    In short, no, I don't believe there is a way to truly keep heels from interfering completely. Nothing is making WWE book it that way, though.
  6. Its bullshit WWE change it to suit them.

    Remember when HIAC was iconic? Then a gay PPV happened. TLC same. Its crap.

    Take RR's the rules change to suit excitement needs.
  7. Elimination Chamber 2010 - When HBK superkicked Undertaker
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  8. Well, this is where I'd say Inferno Match but... well... Wyatt's.
  9. Basic storytelling: when it looks like the good guy can't lose, the bad guy will find a way to make him cheat.

    Example: Superman. No earthly weapon can stop him, making him an unbeatable good guy. I hate to break it to you (not that I need to break this to professional wrestling fans, many of whom are fans of a good heel, just like I am), but it's boring if there's no challenge for the good guy to overcome. Thus, they give us kryptonite, chunks of Supe's home planet that somehow survive across the light years (not to mention entry into the Earth's atmosphere, which destroys most space debris well before it reaches the Earth's surface) to become the only thing that can beat Superman.

    If all of the no-interference matches were truly no-interference, it would be boring. It's fun to watch the hero overcome the odds. Except when he doesn't. In the case of Wyatt-Kane, I have a feeling that storyline still has some time to run. You just have to be patient and see where it goes before giving up on it.

    As to the point of wanting bad guys to win clean, well, they're bad guys. They cheat. That's why they're bad guys.

  10. Well, he's also weak against magic. But the logic is the same.
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