Nobody can beat CM Punk!!!!!

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  1. Nobody can beat CM Punk!!!!! he is unstoppable hes beaten the best and hes still WWE champion after another successful victory last night at over the limit yessssssssss
  2. Hey Randy.
  3. Do Brock and Randy hang out in the same tree house? They seem to share a lot of believes
  4. DAM STRIGHT! 110 AGREE! But I would like him to vs. you guy Brock at SummerSlam in the main event! And then we will true if CM Punk is Unstoppable! Both Paul Heyman guys but Best in the World at what that do! Punk best Wrestler and Brock the better Fighter!

  5. Get a room you two :otunga:
  6. He has had two amazing feuds in a row and is consistently having good matches, but Bryan in my opinion proved last night why he is the BITW.
  7. Lucky booking. Just that.

    Bryan and Ziggler are better 'wrestlers'.
  8. Ziggler is a better seller. I don't think he's a better technical wrestler than Punk yet.

    Bryan is better at both.
  9. Lmao, you serious, Crayo?
    Get your fact's straight bro.

  10. Tbh CM Punk is the next John Cena. Like it or not. Notice how @ OTL the people cheering him were kids and women and Bryan was cheered by men? Plus, as the op pointed out; no one can beat him. Does that remind you of anyone? Maybe John Cena. Whom no one else can beat, unless your name is undertaker or the rock. :dawg:
  11. Lord Tensai...
  12. Oya, lord tensai did beat Cena, but I just remember he also beat cm punk. :dawg:
  13. If Ziggler is given any sort of decent time then he will prove just how good he is. I would say he's slightly better in the ring than Punk, as Punk is quite botch-prone. He's(Punk) still very underrated however and both are incredible.
  14. CM Punk is the best in the world hes proved it and nobody can be at his level. Hes WWE champion and here to stay
  15. Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in the WWE by an absolute mile. Possibly the best in the world. He's flawless.
  16. Fixed. Agreed!
  17. I would be tempted to say so, but I've heard that Kenta is about at his level? I could imagine that after seeing their match as that's possibly the best match I've ever seen.
  18. Kenta is probably the closest to his level with Steen. But Bryan is just ahead of both of them in my opinion. Steen is awesome but unfortunately his weight does limit some of his abilities, though he's fantastic for his weight size. But with that weight you lose the speed and agility that Bryan for example has. Bryan is also just as technically gifted as Kenta, but he just executed it in a better way - his psychology is better, so I agree with Crayo that Bryan is the BITW.

    Though people right Punk off a lot recently. Sure, he's not the best in the world, but he's damn good. His matches with Jericho & now Bryan are proof of that.

    Ziggler isn't as good as Punk technically. He's a better seller, he's on Bryan's level with selling, but Punk is a better technical wrestler atm. Ziggler has loads of time to improve though.
  19. Have any of you seen Austin Aries perform?
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  20. Kia bringing the truth to this thread.

    Aries & Steen >>>>>>>>>>> Punk

    IMO Aries, Steen, & Bryan are 1,2,3 in whatever order you want to put them in.
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