Nobody wants to go to this shitty outdoor SB

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Lmao, Goodell, you fucking idiot. I'm rooting for pandemonium Sunday. A blizzard, people can't make it to the game, half empty stadium, the game is a shitfest because of snow... Goodell is a moron. Between this brilliant idea, trying to move a team to London, Pussification of the game, neutering defenses... bleh. Really can't stand the guy.
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  2. Yea hahah Goodell's a fucker. I don't mind if it was just like, a light snow fall but anything more than that is going to be pointless.
  3. This is his last year, right?
  4. Godell? no.

    Jew faggot Stern is leaving, as is Selig after next year. Godell is here for an eternal reign of terror until he completely damns the NFL into obscurity
  5. Oh shit Selig is finally leaving? I love that man, because he loves my Brewers. Shit.
  6. Selig catches a lot of flack but ultimately I think he made a lot of good improvements to baseball and a couple of meh ones (like making the AS game decide homefield advantage)

    the WC was great, but adding a 2nd WC seems overkill. So idk, take him or leave him for me. He's OK
  7. I just love Selig for bringing the Brewers to Milwaukee bro. Oh, and Braun got to keep his MVP.
  8. Selig cleaned up baseball, but he let it go on for awhile. He will forever be linked to the past era. ( i consider this post- steroid era)
  9. Good call there Dolphs
  10. Is Goodell really that bad? He's far from "killing the game". Interest in the NFL is only going up despite the concussion thing...
    Don't think that's really on Goodell, he's in a position of "don't screw it up" and he's doing an okay job.
    Needs to stop talking to the media about dumb shit though. Nobody wants the 18 game seasons and the 16 team playoffs or teams moving to London and it's a pipe dream to even think it's going to happen.
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