Nominate yourself for an award V3.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by seabs, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. A list of current awards, look here and if you feel you meet the criteria nominate yourself, please give staff at least 48 hours to judge your application before you reapply :

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    Contributor Given to users who have contributed vast amounts to the site.
    Enthusiast Given to users who have posted many threads in our wrestling sections.
    Donator Given for donating $10 or more to the site, not including upgrades.
    Uploader Uploading five YouTube videos advertising WF.
    Wefewwal Given when you reach 20 members referred.
    Thread Discussion Actively participating in 3 or more live discussion threads. Please provide links to these thread or the award may not be granted.
    Donator Plus Donating a minimum of $30 towards the site.(upgrades do not count)
    Google Checkout Given for upgrading your membership using Google Checkout.
    Friendly A user who you would happily drink a beer with. Given to friendly & welcoming users.
    Legend Upgraded to the legend usergroup.
    Suggestion Muffin Making lots of suggestions that get accepted.
    Competition Winner Win an official site competition.
    Spammer Over 150+ posts in one day. Only way to get this is if you're the top poster of that day, then you take a screenshot of stats.php.
    Fan of the Week Achieve the most posts in one live discussion thread.
    Best in the World Incredibly active poster in wrestling sections. Hard to get, posts must be of quality.
    Predictions Cup If you win the most points in a prediction thread, you get this award!
    Loyalty Watching RAW/TNA every single week (and discussing it live in the threads) whether you're enjoying the current product or not
    Team Showoff You are part of the group "Team Showoff" (This one should be nominated for in the "Team Showoff" sub section.)

    Link to see awards
  2. You read my mind, I was going to make v3.

    Also, whilst we have a new thread, all posts will now on need to be on topic to save us going to 90 pages again.
  3. Now I ain't no fancy Jose but I think I have made a few funnies and thus should get joker.
  4. Why Team showoff have award but NOD Doesnt!?!?!?
  5. Different packages were available, package 1 gives you the userbar and coloured username package 2 gives you the same but with a sub section package 3 has all plus an award. See the help docs to have it explained further.
  6. I'm most likely going to scrap the joker award (sorry Jose) - that's the only reason you don't have it right now.
  7. Friendly and the Suggestion Muffin award. :burns:
  8. Given Friendly. Need more accepted suggestions for the ever so epic Muffin.
  9. Didn't I upgrade thru google checkout?



    How do I join groups?

  10. To join an existing group, click this link. It is up to the owner of the group to decide whether he accepts your request or declines it.
  11. To join an existing group, click this link. It is up to the owner of the group to decide whether he accepts your request or declines it.
  12. Will give you the award now - I think you did.
  13. Greatest of all time. DO IT.
  14. Thanks crayo

  15. Do I qualify for Spammer?
  16. If you get over 150 posts in a day, you get the award :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. He has 181 posts today Crayo.
  18. It says I have 180
  19. Then your ass will be receiving the award!
  20. :yay: three awards? FEED ME FOUR! :ryback:
    Btw thanks Leo second bro fist of the day FIST IT!
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