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  1. These threads are always needed when you have the award modification activated. Users can only nominate themselves for 1 award per week. After the week, it resets, so you can re-apply if you wish. If you apply more than the specified amount, I'll have to ignore the post. Though, you guys are too nice to do that :emoji_slight_smile:.

    This counts for the awards like 50 posts, Twitter, Reputation and donations. Because there is a big chance I won't notice your accomplishments (less likely for the donation one) and will forget to grant it. Eventually we're going to work out a system where it's all automatic for those awards.

    The twitter award is only going to be given out to 10 users. After that 10th award is given out, we will temporarily close applications for that award, even if you're kind enough to follow us on Twitter. Please don't take rejections to heart, the last thing we want though is everyone having lots of awards, as that will ruin the purpose and appeal of them.

    Thanks, Crayo.
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  2. has their been ten twitter awards haha i followed you on it the moment i signed up :emoji_grin: @the_pipe_bomb

    Nope. You can view the awards at the top, and click the name of each one to see who has received it :emoji_slight_smile:. Will grant it now.
  4. okay thanks :emoji_grin: haha i didn't realize wooooo
  5. Award: Thinker
    I've submitted (and were accepted) about 7/8 suggestions. :emoji_slight_smile:

  6. Award : Contributor
    I think I should get this because of the following thread :
    I've contributed DL links to current ppv, raw and smackdowns plus various other matches. I think that's what the award is for anyway lol.
  7. Following the forum on Twitter as @BeeCove

    Award: Uploader.

    Why: Not sure if it will count but it says it can in the definition of the award. I have given you many forums to advertise on and have also been bumping your pre made advertisements so the forum would increase in size.
  8. Granted.

    Please continue suggesting even though you have this award :emoji_slight_smile:

    Definitely, those DL links are incredibly handy for most of our members. That's exactly what the award is for (and for posting lots of threads).

    Twitter award granted. Uploader is where a user uploads a video on youtube related to WWE programming (like RAW, SmackDown etc) whilst advertising the site both in the video and in the description.

    Hope that clears it up :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Oh okay that's fine then :L Will have to wait for more awards to be added.
  10. Suggest some :emoji_slight_smile:. I'm rubbish with adding awards as Xanth will tell you, it's his territory really.
  11. I will be starting up a thread with all ideas for awards and other features. Then you can give me the 'thinker' award :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. Sounds good man :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Reward: Thinker.

    And in various other users threads,
  14. Granted suggestions only.
    And don't post 'in various other users threads'...
  15. Most of them were granted.... And what do you mean by:
  16. Please keep posting to a minimum here. It's meant to be solely nominations only. Else this thread will be a 50 pager in no time.
  17. Get like 6 threads of suggestions accepted, then maybe :emoji_wink:

    I meant don't post things like: 'and lots more in other threads' - It's pointless. Why not just link the posts.
  18. Stop with the off-topic posts, the posts will be junked.
  19. i know it was only one link but would i be able to get contributor for the WWE TV link that live streams RAW Smackdown PPV's WWE TV (the random episodes and ppvs when there is no other event on) and TNA when they have stuff on?
  20. Contributor is mainly given to someone who has contributed multiple times to the community. Check Seabs threads for example. :emoji_slight_smile:.

    It was a great contribution your post, but if we gave it away every time someone contributed great stuff, the award would lose all its prestige. Hope that clears it up :emoji_slight_smile: