Kayfabe Non-Civil War

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  1. *The camera shows Reaper standing in front of a sign for 'Captain America: Civil War' while a menacing grin is painted across his face*
    Reaper: J... J... Colton. When I first followed Ben Song into this cesspool of bland humans who all aim for the same thing I thought at least one of these moronic people would be of entertainment to me, and I was right the Iron Man champion peeked my interest, not because I want to win the belt itself, no but because I want to make this easily targeted man's life his own personal Hell. Not for any reason in particular but just so I can finally enjoy myself in this horrid place. Oh and if I haven't made it clear what I think of the Iron Man Championship, then allow me to show you in quite a literal way.
    *Reaper tears Iron man off of the sign, sets fire to it, turns around to the camera and just. Smiles*