Non-Legitimate Titles that can legitimize Low-Carders

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  1. The Internet Championship, Million Dollar Championship, and others that I am too lazy to name are all non-legitimate championships. But with the current state of the company, the low-carders need a legitimate title so they can actually stay on TV. These types of championships are miracles waiting to happen. All it takes is a quick rivalry/storyline ad some low-carders and bam!
    You've got something that keeps them alive. You can replace Zack Ryder and make the same amount in merchandise sales. What do you guys think?
  2. I think that WWE just has no care in the world for the midcard at the moment. The Show is built on the main event (Cena) and the title feud (Punk) with bits of the WHC feud. There is no midcard at the moment. Zack Ryder is insanely over and can use that internet title to create multiple feuds through his YouTube show, they just need to have faith in him. What was the last midcard feud to actually have a storyline? Was it Ryder/Ziggler?
  3. WWE needs to mimic how WCW handled its mid/low card. Adding that mechanic to the show would increase viewers and increase merch. sales. But WCW's Main Event's most of the time were worse than their mid/low card match. So I guess you cannot have it both ways.


    Plus Zack Ryder is no longer over with the WWE fan base. It was a fad just like a piece of clothing or anyhing else.
  4. Like Crayo said, WWE sole focus at the moment is the main event and WWE title with some focus on the WHC here and there. The mid card and lower card is forgotten. Replacing Ryder would be very hard cause despite all his critics the guy is insanely over and knows how to connect with the crowd. He also has good chops in the ring, his feuds with Ziggler and Christian has proved that he can carry his own weight in the ring. His main problem is having a move set he is used to. Like Crayo also pointed out the Ryder vs Ziggler US title feud was the last real title feud with a legit storyline in it. It looks like Ryder and Ziggler are doing that once more with the Internet title and the Primetime players are setting something up with Epico and Primo around the tag team titles.

    Ryder not being over anymore? He sells the fourth most merch in the company. He is their fourth most followed guy on Twitter and the crowds goes bananas for him. It's just like with Punk. The initial shock of Ryder has settled. He is still insanely over.
  5. These non-legitimate championships can be fun for a feud or two, but not in the long term. And it's almost ass backwards - why go out of your way to make feuding over a non-legitimate title seem special and capable of getting someone over when you can just as well do it with the real thing? There's plenty of other titles to build credible feuds around. And you don't want to have too many titles (counting non-legitimate ones) because that itself makes all the titles seem less important and prestigious.
  6. I'd welcome one, hardly two extra belts if WWE knew how to book the ones they already have. The US title has been on Santino's waist for a few months now, his reign is horrible and he's a comedy character with a championship. Belts won't help the mid/low card if WWE doesn't know how to use them.
  7. The only titles that are actually changing hands right now are the WHC and the WWE title.
  8. Show/Rhodes and you could loosely put Christian/Rhodes into that group. The last good storyline was definitely Ryder/Ziggler, and the US Title has been in the gutter ever since the Kane/Ryder debacle with Swagger randomly winning the belt, not being on TV for a month, and then randomly losing to Santino.
  9. How about we take the belt from Santino instead of bringing more belts
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