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  1. It's not fixed Crayo.

    The link isn't there at all now.
  2. The plugin was removed as soon as we moved hosting, it was too resourceful and pointless.
  3. Oh, would have helped if you made a thread about it, what you removed during the transfer.
  4. Yeah Crayo you idiot, what else did you remove? :SHELDOR: Where's that gone?
  5. Meh, no need really. We also removed username history, repeat report, and a couple others.
  6. Username history was pointless as it didn't have them when changed via ACP.

    Repeat report?
  7. I know... hence why I removed it. Lol.

    Repeat report stopped users reporting the same post over and over, but we don't get many reports so it's okay.

    Anyway, closed <3. #Tader
  8. Ah, I see.

    Nope #dic
  9. Last comment?
  10. N'awwww.
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