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    also potential dirt from tsar. edited.
  2. Whats her personality like?
  3. not sure how to explain :hmm:

    She's pretty cool, she actually gets my humor which is rare, but she is really insecure about herself at times.
  4. Well sir, I wouldn't ask her out like a bunch of people do and that is- through text. I cannot begin to explain how I hate people asking other people out through text but thats a different story. Anyways, I would suggest asking her on a ' friendly ' date to her favorite place. She needs to be comfortable in her own fun surroundings. The place she will have fun the most, is the place were her mind will be at ease away from possible stress. You need to be a gentleman and open the doors for her (i.e car door, any door for that matter) kinda start showing some of that gentleman side to her. Next, once the date is complete you need to take her for a walk. Have a casual conversation with her, but don't be too weird and nervous. Remember: she can sense if your nervous by the changes in your attitude because you don't know if she'll accept you or not. Once you've been talking for a bit, start asking about you and her. You should ask her how she feels about you and her possibly being together and if that is an option for her. Tell her how you really feel about her, just don't be too dramatic to where she thinks you're a pussy. Bottom line: Lay it out to her without studdering or sounding nervous or too forward. Tell her how you feel without being retarded. Most importantly, make her laugh and make her feel like shes special. Last but not least, don't be a douchebag. Hope this helps.
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  5. As mushy as it sounds, Flowers always help and you should let out your feelings to her in a soft manner, Hold her hand, look into her eyes. show her you are absolutely serious and dedicated to being her number one guy. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Describe "having a thing for a few months" and I can lay it out for you.
  7. Dick in a box
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  8. Is it that same girl that was in Cali?
  9. right here we go lad

    take her for a pub night out, show her that you are a proper man. Make sure you show her a bit of the old manly attitude. Get ratarsed in front of her, steaming drunk, women love a lad who is wankered.

    Then, if you are dancing, the pussy will dance in your diretion when you are insterested. ignore all this asking her malarky, just get bladdered and see what happens
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  10. This. Boxes are always good. Give her a love box too.
  11. Do everything opposite of this.
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  12. Just say you wanna commit to her, if she wants the same, it will happen. No need to over think things.
  13. exactly.

    women just want a bloke to be a bloke. no need for flowers or anything. like i said just be a bloke, have a pint and take her down the local boozer. she will be putty in your hands
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  14. Yeah
    Idk, we haven't kissed or anything. She calls me cute or hot often. Don't really know how to describe it, it's been really on and off and but the last month or so has been on more than before.
  16. You are in high school or what? You haven't done anything outside of school together? Simple enough, just ask her to dinner or some outside of school activity.
  17. No need for booze! come on now. lol
  18. Okay. You ask her to chill or go have dinner or something. After the meal, you make her pay. She won't have any money and then you say, "WHAAT? NO MONEY? HEEERE! SUKAKOK!" @Big Boss

    Kidding, but yeah. Um, ask her to hang out and then take her to dinner. I think she'll eventually just ask you if you were interested in dating her, but probably not. So make the first move.
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  19. simple solution

    take her down the disco at the local boozer, when its time to dance see if she shakes her rump in your crotch.

    it is how women play their cards right
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  20. Just ask her out, lol. Don't be a wimp.
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