TLC Normal and Crazy Predictions for TLC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Italianman3100!, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. We are almost to that time where WWE presents TLC. And before we see two handicap matches and The "Unification" Match, we need to be realistic and unrealistic. So predict here.

    Here are mine:

    Normal: Big E retains

    Crazy: Punk and Bryan both turn green during their matches and destroy The Shield and The Wyatts.
  2. Normal: HHH knocks out Cena or Orton and becomes the undisputed champ
    Crazy: Either Cena or Orton wins
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  3. Normal the PPV sucks

    Crazy the PPV is good
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  4. Normal: A screwy finish during the main event
    Crazy: Jericho returns during the unification match
  5. [Quotee="Cloud, post: 709469, member: 133"]Normal the PPV sucks

    Crazy the PPV is good[/quote]

    Tlc is usually fun isn't it?
  6. True Seabs but recent PPV's have been poor and with the Slammy's hindering build tonight I'm not getting my hopes up. My gf is more die hard a fan than me with regards optimism and even she thinks its poor atm.
  7. Normal: We get another shitty ending to the main event match
    Crazy: Barack Obama swings down from the rafters with a bucket of KFC and steals both title belts while wearing nothing but a loincloth and over-sized sneakers
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  8. Hell that crazy ending would be awesome!
  9. Normal: Orton wins.

    Crazy: AJ Styles comes out, grabs the belts, and takes the belts back to TNA or to an independent company.
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  10. Normal: JBL handles commentary like a god.
    Crazy: Rybaxel win the tag belts.
  11. Normal: lolCenawins
    Crazy: Punk and Bryan come out and grab a title each
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  12. after Raw do you really hate the idea of Cena winning? DB get's his rematch, vs a paper champ crying and pouting about his matches while blaming people? They have shit all over Orton, and he has done himself no favors.

    I'm really going to hate seeing another 3 month's of shitty Orton promo's, they have knocked him down so badly with his heel turn "everyone begged for" because i bet anything this isn't what people were expecting from his turn.

    Not disagreeing with you but this is the difference between cleaning up a fresh pile of dogshit vs an old pile of dogshit, and having to use your hands to clean it.
  13. I honestly haven't been watching so I don't really know. Though, I do hear Cena has been great as of late, also > > > > > Orton. Regardless. So nah, I wouldn't really have a problem with it.
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  14. dude raw this week was great, the last hour was just stellar.

    The crowd really made it 10x better.
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  15. Would mark.

    Here are mine.
    Normal: I just fall asleep during the unification match.
    Crazy: The unification match is a MOTY nomenee
  16. Would mark for the crazy one
  17. Normal: Rhodes Retain
    Crazy: Stephanie comes out, grabs the belts and becomes the Unified Champion
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  18. Normal: Cena wins
    Crazy: Cena turn heel
  19. more like impossibly crazy.
  20. Normal: Big E wins
    Crazy: Triple H comes in during the Unification match, takes down both titles and is declared undisputed champ
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