WrestleMania Normal and Crazy WM31 predictions!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. Got one normal and one crazy prediction for WM? Get crazy, WWEF Universe! :jesse:
  2. Normal: Reigns defeats Lesnar
    Crazy: Rusev defeats Cena clean
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  3. There's an old version of this thread I'm trying to re-find. Something like...

    Normal: Wyatt and Taker shockingly put on the MOTN
    Crazy: Sting gets winded and falls over coming down the ramp, then Triple H drags him into the ring, the bell rings, and he waits 3 minutes to pin him
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  4. Lol Normal & Shockingly wouldn't fit there :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Normal: Sting beats Triple H.
    Crazy: Damien Sandow wins the ATGMBR
  5. Normal: reigns wins.
    Crazy: sting joins the authority
  6. Normal: The Undertaker wins.
    Crazy: Curtis Axel faces the winner of Reigns and Lesnar.
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  7. Normal: Bryan wins the IC title
    Crazy: R-Truth wins the IC title
  8. Normal: Ambrose climbs the ladder and holds up the IC Title
    Crazy: Ambrose climbs the ladder, grabs the IC Title, then Renee comes in and gives an overly flirtatious interview. Ambrose talks up how he wants to be a WWE Hall of Famer someday and thinks he can start by mimicking this years class... then dumps the IC Title in the trash
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  9. Another good one (can't take credit) is that Vince just puts a brass ring up there, and whenever someone climbs the ladder he raises it out of reach with a crane
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  10. And after that brass ring's captured, the winner would say it out loud "MY PRECIOUS"
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  11. Then precious shows up and calls him a racist and low blows him! Meanwhile JR shows up out of no where and says "LOOK INTO THE COLD BrOwN EyES of PRECiOUS!!"
  12. normal: Mania sucks
    Crazy: the show provides us with worthwhile talking points
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  13. Normal: Everything but the main event is actually very decent, and the fans like it. But Reigns is boo'd while Lesnar is cheered.
    Crazy: WWE commentary are actually decent for once (then again, I think last year they were decent. Maybe only when they realise people give a shit about the product...)
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  14. That would make the commentary this year being good a VERY crazy prediction! :heenan:
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    Normal: John Cena defeats Rusev for the US. Title.

    Crazy: The Bellas squash Paige and her partner.
  16. Normal: Seth Rollins cashes in his MITB briefcase
    Crazy: Triple H beats Sting
  17. :please:
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  18. So that means you'd love to see that or you wouldn't ?
  19. I'd love to see Rollins cash in at Mania, regardless of who the champ may be.
  20. Normal: Reigns beats Lesnar to win the championship
    Crazy: HHH beats Sting
    Clinically Insane: Roman Reigns beats Brock Lesnar to a positive thunderous reaction, which is followed by him becoming the biggest money-drawing superstar in the history of pro wrestling, complete with a statue of his likeness that's placed in front of WWE Headquarters in Stamford as a way of honoring him.
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