North Korea Rockets 'Ready To Hit US Bases'

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Mar 28, 2013.

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  2. Lol Metzelder
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  3. It seems more of a "you do this and we'll aim at you" type thing, and not an actual threat. I don't think anything will escalate out of this; North Korea know better. China will simply not have their back with this one to put it in street terms, and the US has far too much back up for North Korea to have any chance of "winning". It's simply North Korea trying to flaunt its manhood by indirectly threatening the United States.
  4. Well... we'll see.
  5. You think there is a realistic chance of nuclear war with this one brah?
  6. North Korea do them fags even squat?

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    I'm with Crayo, America is the king of the hill and Korea wants to be noticed. Even having the balls to step up puts them a head of 80% of the world by default. They won't have a war unless America begins to crumble and they spot a chance to be cemented as the next top heel
  7. I'm not saying a nuclear war, this is talking about rockets not nuclear weapons.
  8. "The planes were taking part in a joint South Korea-US military exercise that has inflamed tensions with Pyongyang, which earlier this month threatened to unleash an "all-out war" backed by nuclear weapons."

  9. 'Merica bro. They point rockets at them, we point rockets at them from all the countries we enjoy having military bases at in around their country. The only thing he is going to do is fuck his people over by his choices, although i don't blame them. We do whatever the fuck we want and throw up middle fingers at "the bad guys"
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  10. Irrelevant to this though, that's just NK spouting shit. They don't have nuclear warheads for rockets :dawg:
  11. BS, they're chilling with Sadam's WMDs in Big Shows left hand.
  12. In this case, I blame North Korea. America are only supporting their allies (South Korea), who North Korea constantly threaten due to the amount of disdain between them. All Obama needs to say is that NK possess WMD and then in a few years we'll see Un' hang himself on YouTube.
  13. Only time will tell. The UN is the worst thing though, ever. Should say since you put un' i didnt mean him, i mean it will come down to a UN vote.
  14. Actually the UN is a good thing. It keeps things rational. Without the UN, NK and other places would have already been k0'd by America. Iran, for example. China and Russia voted against further sanctions/military action. America isn't gonna go against their vote for obvious reasons.
  15. It depends on how you view it, the UN are appointed to a committee to do what is best for certain nations. They are locked into multiple committees that represent people on different voting levels, which is why the US does what we fucking want. Check more into it. The idea is good, but there is a reason the league of nations didn't work.
  16. America doesn't do 'whatever you fucking want'

    American's are so ingraned with this idea that they're the best and they do whatever they want :facepalm1:

    If they did, they would have wiped out Iran and NK already.
  17. No im not boasting stating that, i am just saying when have we been charged or even been scolded for doing whatever we want? We do what we want here, it's not always a good thing. My statement before was aimed at you viewing how many countries are under the main group? It isn't just the US, we just cause the most problems in other countries of the main few. Voting is pretty slanted in the UN system towards the wants of the upper few.
  18. You don't do anything that countries have voted against... do you? Sure you invaded Iraq etc. but there was no clear opposition like their is in UN votes.

    If 27 small countries vote against something and USA, Russia and UK vote for something, it's not going to happen. How would they be able to pass that off to the public. Come on man.
  19. You don't use an apostrophe to accommodate pluralised words. It's "Americans".

    Anyway. You can have the attitude of "we do whatever we want" and still be limited. I think judging by recent history shows you that America has done what it wants. The invasion of Iraq is complete proof of that. A war that was based on accusations of WMD that were never ever found, and receiving financial benefits because of it (oil). My point is, America has had this wrong attitude of being the world police, and they could have avoided certain situations which would have benefited their own country.
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  20. Sorry @GrammarNazi82

    The invasion of Iraq was justified, at least they thought it was. It's not their fault they got false tip offs, is it?

    You're right though, they do see themselves as the 'world police', as do most citizens because they're fed that crap every day :dawg:
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