North Korea threatens nuclear attack on the US

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. TLDR: North Korea being North Korea I guess.
  2. Lol good luck with that.
  3. Seems like much ado about nothing. Even if the N Koreans were crazy enough to try and mount some crazy unprovoked offensive attacks they would get shut down instantly.
  4. Don't worry Ameripussyfags, you have the British backing you up :tough:.
  5. Seems like Kimg Jong Un trying to flex his muscles to build some kind of international image to me. His dad had the whole Korean war that helped build the image of him as a world leader (read dictator). Un just inherited it all. He might feel that he needs to live up to the family name (like people say about W and the second Iraq war). Who knows really.
  6. The US sucks at a lot of things, but slinging military dick is not one of them.
  7. If America starts bombing the NK, wonder if Hollywood would throw some money their way to take out the servers the Pirate Bay is stored on. #LikeThatWouldHappen
  8. North Korea has threatened this multiple times. If Kim were to actually go through with an attack, he knows his army would be fighting more then just the US. He's just a power hungry man that wants to be feared.
  9. Their servers are in the Netherlands aren't they? ^
  10. They will go into hiding under their million down homes. :pity:
  11. N.Korea would be wiped off of the planet if they mounted an offensive attack on a NATO country. Regardless if China backs them or not.
  12. Apparently moved to North Korea sometime early this week or last week. I remember reading an article on it in the paper while at work. They move around a couple of times a year.
    I was shocked they even had server farms open for private users to buy space on in North Korea.
  13. I think their relationship with China was reported as "strained" too, and that North Korea are unnecessarily provoking which inevitably drags China in with them.
  14. China is much more western friendly now compared to earlier in history as well. They wouldn't be as inclined to war as North Korea. China is an economic super power both in the present and on the rise, they don't need to swing their military dick around to feel big.
  15. My point being, even if China and N.Korea were in bed together, it wouldn't stop NATO from Japanning the shite of N.Korea. They wouldn't worry at all about Chinese retaliation.
  16. Shrimp dick country with a napoleon complex
  17. Not sure how you came to this conclusion, lol. That's in very raw terms.
  18. They even admitted that they didn't have a missile small enough to reach the USA, do they realise how many nukes the USA have alone? Nevermind if you add in Britain, Russia etc, they'd be destroyed in seconds.
  19. Quite simply, no one can fuck with NATO. NATO can out gun anyone.
  20. No, they didn't. It was a joke.
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