North Korean propaganda film buries 'Murrica (Mentions WWE lol)

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    Stole this from another forum :urm: but I found it interesting so I felt like sharing it here. :obama:

  2. What a dumb video
  3. South Korea is the best Korea. Seriously I hate North Korea.
  4. :haha: That was great, they should make this into a movie.
  5. "What North America did to Michael Jackson." NAKED WOMAN! OH YEAH! AMERICA, DO THE SAME EXACT SAME THING TO ME!
  6. Now I'm not siding with captain cake-loving almost-eyes here, but to be fair, most of the stuff they mention is pretty spot on. Western media really is full of shit, and most of the shows that pass as reality are depressingly embarrassing. I'm actually surprised they didn't mention "Toddlers and Tiaras" or "Honey Boo Boo"'; literally scraping the shit-stained parasitic barrel.

    I guess the silver-lining to all of this is the fact that most of the people who ignore everything that's going on in the world just to watch some half-bit guido get drunk will be the first to perish when reality actually slaps them in the face.
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