Norway and Sweden running out of garbage

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  1. This is an interesting read. America complains a lot about running out of fossil fuels like oil, whilst Norway and Sweden complain about running out of garbage. Since we have more sophisticated garbage sorting systems up here than over in America (we sort everything) and then send it off to plants for burning and converting into energy and fuel. Almost all of our major cities base about 50% of their energy on converted garbage.

    Fun little comparison between what different countries consider important.
  2. :jbl: Hot dogs! Burgers! Oil! Fake boobs! 'Murrica!
  3. We get it, you're from Sweden. lmao.
  4. Pretty awesome problem to have tbf, we should sell you our crap to recycle.
  5. Should fly it in from the UK as we have way too much over here.
  6. We should recycle Sheffield.
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  7. :yes:
  8. Maybe Scotland as well.
  9. It would be rejected
  10. To be honest, we should recycle everything but Cornwall. England should cease to exist, but Cornwall can be seen as a lovely little island.
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  11. We'd all like you to recede, not even the rest of Cornwall just make your house Crayopia. Or even make it a part of Scotland.
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  12. There's already an island like Cornwall, it's called Guatemala Bay
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  14. Crayopia with a little bit of Sheffield sounds dope. We could start out small, but eventually become more powerful. Crayo and Seabs taking their online dictader powers into the real life world. I could BAN DAVID CAMERON. :mog:

    Couldn't hear you over the loving sound of peace outside my window.

    lol jokes there's like a ton of heroin addicts walking down my lane
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  15. Heroin addicts? Just give 'em pancakes
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  16. You can have ours. Just guess it'll be difficult for you to come here and get it without being kidnapped or something.
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