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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Stemming for the discussion about the immortal brother potentially holding the TNA title which guys would you be OK with coming back for one more big run? I got my dream one when Rocky came back and won the WWE title, I don't care what you say I was so pumped at the end of the Rumble when he held the title. Anyway which ones would you want to happen, keep it semirelisitc people.

    I'll start with Austin returning and winning the WWE title before dropping to Punk at WM 30 :gusta:
  2. My dream #1 would be Austin, and Rock was my #2. Edge & Christian too :mog:.
  3. Do they have to be physically able to go, or is it strictly fantasy?
  4. Another one would be Ambrose vs Raven, the promos would be off the charts.
  5. Ideally able to go so no Edge sadly, Austin's said he can do another match so that's why I included him.
  6. Austin competing is enough for me at Wrestlemania.
    I would love to see Edge Vs. Christian as well, but the chances of that are slim as of now.
  7. :hmm: I really wanted more heel Batista tbh. I was marking big time for his spotlight entrance and his promos at the time (that's right, his promos). Everyone else I'd want is either dead or not able to go anymore.
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  8. You had Bret and Dynamite Kid planned I'm guessing, possibly Owen too :gusta: great group of names.

    Heel Tista was great, kissing fat girls and hugging babies

    Also :steiner: or Joey Styles on commentary is something I'd pay to see.
  9. Wow, you missed the most obvious one, lol. Perfect and Bret would be my top choices, in a feud together for the WWE title.

  10. :dawg: :emoji_grin:AMN: I feel like an idiot for a change :sad:

    They should have run that program in the early 90s IMO, say 93 Bret goes on a long run after beating Yoko at Mania :stfu: :hogan: you don't need to go over. Henning wins the rumble and they run a face vs face but Curt shows heel tendancies and goes over, continue it to WM X where either Curt wins with the big heel turn being completed here or Bret gets his revenge leading to the heel turn the next night on Raw.
  11. Perfect needs to be the heel here, their IC title match is still one of my favourite matches ever. Imagine if they had WM main event time for the big belt, oh well.
  12. The problem was he'd only just turned on Flair hadn't he? He'd begin showing heelish tendancies at Summerslam and progress with each defence before confirming his turn, slow burn style :ryan:
  13. True, but as long as we're re-writing history, I decided to ignore that :otunga:
  14. While he's not my favorite, I wanna see Kevin Nash come back and jackknife someone into oblivion for another world title reign.
  15. The vanilla midget killer vs :goatface: ?

    17 seconds this time, the traffic would be immense. Do it Vince.
  16. More like seven seconds, that way he can beat the Bob Backlund record he set for his first reign in 1994. The internet rage that would ensue afterwards would be epic.
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  17. Imagine the sign ups :fap:
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