Nostalgia you are ashamed of liking?

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  1. Be it games, music, TV, films, books, anything! Post some nostalgia you are ashamed you used to like.

    Mine and this will ruin my status in 3MB but in my pre teen days I liked the following music

    So come on guys post shockers from your past!
  2. If you go back and watch Power Rangers, it was pretty bad.
  3. Damn I know but despite that I'm not ashamed of Power Rangers!

    I used to like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and that was bad but my teenager was kicking in and I fancied Melissa Joan Hart.
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  4. I watched it too. I actually don't regret watching Power Rangers, just remembered it's pretty bad. This is actually a really bad show though.
  5. My favorite song was Sex Bomb for years.
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  6. Oh god Cow and Chicken even when I was younger I hated that.
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  7. Excusable as it's Tom Jones. But I get you!
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  8. This was my first and favourite game of Nintendo. It wasn't even good.
    After I played TMNT though, that took over.
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  9. We can only hope.
  10. Wow! Haha love it!

    I though Lost in Space the Matt Le Blanc remake and the Super Mario Bros film were good until I got some taste!
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  11. Doubt any Super Mario movie is good. I barely watched the animation series, so I'm not sure.
    Any King Kong or Godzilla movies early on in the 70's were terrible.
  12. Barney.

    *hangs self*
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  13. I dug that Barbie girl song. Disgusting, disgusting song in retrospect.
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  14. Power Rangers>>>anything

    It can suck horribly and still be GOAT. :tough:

    I don't really have anything really lol. Guess the closest thing is me being a Sailor Moon fan as a kid, but not really ashamed of it, and I still do enjoy it.
  15. I also for some reason preferred girly books. Instead of reading Secret Seven like my mates I used to read books by her about Mallory Towers an all girls boarding school.
  16. This may be worse

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  17. Ah the joys of a giant purple singing dinosaur!
  18. "I'm a Ugly Girl" makes that song funny again.
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  20. inb4 @Xanth takes away Barney and crushes all my childhood dreams and aspersions.
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