#NoSurrender Results: Full Metal Mayhem World Title Match, Bully Ray Taken Out, A Career...

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    August 5, 2015 | No Surrender
    No Surrender is presented in memory of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

    Singles Match | Bram vs. Mr. Anderson

    Seeking retribution for Bram’s attacks weeks prior, Mr. Anderson storms the ring and unleashes a fury of offense, ultimately sending Bram outside.

    Anderson drives Bram skull-first into the ring post. He follows up by sending Bram into the apron with a shoulder block. Bram attempts to make his back into the match, but he’s caught with a clothesline and an attempted Green Bay Plunge.

    Using the top rope for leverage, Bram pulls himself out of the hold and shifts the complexion of the match. Bram drives Anderson into the ring apron and barricade before tangling him in the ring skirt and punishing him with a series of hard shots.

    Bram miscalculates a crossbody, which allows Anderson to capitalize with the Green Bay Plunge. Anderson scales the turnbuckle, but Bram has him scouted – he connects with a superplex.

    Bram continues his barrage of punishment, but Anderson repeatedly kicks out of the pin attempts that follow. Bram attempts a front-face suplex; Anderson rolls through with an inside cradle for the win.

    Winner: Mr. Anderson

    Post-match: Bram assaults Mr. Anderson using the Anderson microphone.



    Backstage: Jeremy Borash interviews The Hardy Boys about Matt Hardy’s World Title shot against Ethan Carter III.

    Khoya No More

    James Storm enters the Impact Zone as a replay of Storm and Serena being defeated by Mickie James and Magnus airs.

    Storm says The Revolution is founded on the basis of everyone being given a chance. He claims to have given everything to one man that ultimately failed him. Storm calls out Khoya.

    Storm verbally berates and slaps Khoya to remind everyone of who he is. Khoya powers Storm to the mat with a huge spinbuster and screams, “My name is not Khoya. My name is Mahabali Shera!”



    Backstage: James Storm challenges Mahabali Shera to “dance with the devil.”

    Handicap Match | Dollhouse vs. Gail Kim

    Taryn Terrell leads her playmates, Marti Bell and Jade to the ring. They’re followed by Gail Kim.

    The bell sounds and Gail Kim starts against Marti Bell. Gail overpowers Marti early on and dodges a cheap shot from Jade; Gail sends the two to the outside and turns to Taryn. Taryn’s distraction allows Marti to connect with a clubbing blow to the back of the head; she takes control of Gail Kim.

    Marti connects with a big neckbreaker before tagging Taryn Terrell. Taryn makes a pin attempt; Gail’s out at two and Taryn scurries back to her corner where she makes the tag to Jade.

    Jade and Gail have an exchange that’s interrupted by Taryn. Gail swings at Taryn only to be caught with a bridging German suplex by Jade. Jade follows up with a rolling splash in the corner. Taryn tags; she scores a two-count.

    Taryn quickly tags out to Marti Bell. Marti holds Gail for Taryn, but Gail ducks and Taryn smashes Marti’s face. Gail drives Marti into the ring post; she falls outside. Then, Gail catches a charging Jade with a tornado DDT.

    Taryn hops the barricade and runs, screaming, out of the Impact Zone. Gail takes down the remaining Dollhouse with a double clothesline and double dropkick. Jade falls to the outside as Marti falls to Eat Defeat. “Playtime is over.”

    Winner(s): Gail Kim

    Video: Drew Galloway to Eli Drake, “You’re going to pay for your sins…I stand up, simply to watch you fall.”


    Singles Match | Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake

    Eli Drake enters the arena wearing a “#SitDown” shirt; Galloway attacks. He sends Drake into the stairs and then into retreat across the ring and back outside. Galloway rips up the floor padding and Drake is sent crashing onto the concrete floor.

    Galloway backs Drake up to the guardrail and rips off his shirt. Fans in the front row restrain Drake as Galloway delivers a stinging chop! Galloway connects with a clothesline from the stairs.

    Galloway sends Drake into the ring and opening bell sounds.

    Eli Drake ducks out of a Future Shock DDT and attempts to walk out on the match. Galloway drags him down the ramp and rolls him back into the ring. Eli Drake connects with a high knee before Galloway makes it through the ropes. Then, he drives Galloway shoulder-first into the ring post.

    Drake crowds Galloway in the corner and unleashes an onslaught of punishment. Galloway creates separation with a big clothesline and then he tosses Eli Drake into the turnbuckle with a huge release German suplex!

    Galloway unloads a series of rights in the corner until the official steps between them. Drake drives a thumb into Galloway’s eye and then rolls him up, using a handful of tights and the ropes for leverage, for the win.

    Winner: Eli Drake



    Backstage: Bully Ray informs Brian Hebner that he’ll become the senior official once his father, Earl, retires. Bobby Roode approaches Bully Ray. He says he’s going to make sure Austin Aries defeats Rockstar Spud.

    Career vs. Name | Austin Aries vs. Rockstar Spud

    If Aries he wins, he gets the name “Rockstar;” if Spud wins, Aries leaves TNA.

    Aries throws Spud to the mat and locks in an early Last Chancery. Spud reaches the ropes, forcing the break.

    Aries follows up a huge arm drag with a dropkick and slingshot senton. Aries’ dominance continues against “The Ultimate Underdog” until Spud sends Aries over the top rope. Aries catches himself on the apron and drops Spud onto the ropes with a neckbreaker.

    Aries nails Spud with a missile dropkick. He charges toward Spud, but catches a boot to the jaw. Spud takes down Aries with a dropkick to the knee, a crossbody and an enziguri. Aries counters the Underdog with a shin breaker/Saito suplex combination and a second Last Chancery!

    Rockstar Spud reaches the bottom rope!

    Aries attempts a brainbuster; Spud counters with an inside cradle. Aries is out at two; he connects with a series of discuss elbows and a running dropkick! Aries scores the brainbuster! Spud kicks out!

    The two trade punches and ultimately, Spud connects with a wind-up punch! Aries falls outside and Spud dives over the top rope! Spud connects with a diving crossbody; he scores a two count! Aries counters another Underdog attempt.

    Aries positions Spud on the turnbuckle and delivers a huge slap, followed by a boxing of the ears. Aries attempts a back body drop, but Spud counters into a Super Underdog!!!

    Winner: Rockstar Spud

    Post-match: Aries hands Spud his bowtie and raises his hand into the air.



    Backstage: Aries and Bobby Roode talk about where Aries will go from here. Aries says he hates leaving his brothers and sisters in the locker room, but that the beauty of professional wrestling is that, on any given night, any man can beat any man.

    Singles Match | James Storm vs. Mahabali Shera

    Storm connects with a low blow before the opening bell sounds. From then on, Storm dominates the man formerly known as Khoya.

    Storm repeatedly slaps Mahabali Shera and then mocks his former Revolution member. Shera’s enraged, but before he can gain traction in the match, James Storm delivers a clubbing blow with a cowbell, earning a disqualification.

    Winner: Mahabali Shera (via DQ)

    Post-match: Storm screams that he’s just turned into a nightmare. He spits in Shera’s face.

    Backstage: Cameras find Bully Ray on the floor.



    Backstage: Dixie Carter takes a call on Bully Ray’s condition. She says unsure of how long he’ll be out. Jeff Jarrett enters, asking Dixie to let him and Global Force Wrestling help. Dixie agrees, saying Jarrett can run Impact for one week.

    TNA World Title: Full Metal Mayhem | Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

    Matt Hardy’s quest to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion begins in dominant and ambitious fashion. Hardy clubs the champion with a series of shots and a running bulldog.

    EC3 counters a Side Effect with a clothesline and then he retrieves a chair from outside the ring. EC3 drives the chair into Hardy’s abdomen and then he brings it down across his back. The undefeated – and unbreakable – champion trash talks Hardy as he drives him face-first into the chair.

    Hardy counters a continued onslaught with a Side Effect through the chair!

    Matt Hardy retrieves a ladder as EC3 reels against the ropes. He uses the ladder against EC3 before mounting it on the ropes. Hardy drops EC3 onto the ladder with a hip toss and then smashes his face against it before connecting with a suplex.

    Hardy begins his ascent toward the World Title; EC3 counters with a chair shot to the knee.

    EC3 assaults Hardy with a Singapore cane before tipping over and stuffing Hardy inside the steel steps! EC3 positions the ladder and just as he reaches for the title – Matt Hardy tips it, sending Carter onto the top rope. Hardy drives the ladder into EC3’s groin and then hammers it with a steel chair!

    Hardy repositions the ladder and again begins his ascent. EC3 picks his leg. Hardy battles back, ending up atop the ladder. His fingers touch the title just as EC3 gives the ladder a shove. Hardy catches himself on the ropes and delivers a Twist of Fate to the champion.

    Hardy drapes EC3 across a table. He’s poised for a moonsault when EC3 trips him and connects with a powerbomb through the table! EC3 begins to climb, but Hardy grabs his ankle. EC3 fends him off and returns to the ladder. Before he can secure the title, Hardy powerbombs him from the ladder!

    Hardy positions EC3 for a second Twist of Fate, but EC3 counters, driving Matt (and himself) through the ropes to the outside. Hardy capitalizes with a steel chair across EC3’s back!

    Matt Hardy pulls a second ladder from beneath the ring. He positions it on the ring apron and stairs. Hardy attempts to suplex EC3 from the ring, but EC3 takes a low blow and shoves Hardy down onto the ladder.

    EC3 looks up to the title and then rolls to the outside. He positions Hardy on the apron for a possible powerbomb; Hardy counters with a Side Effect! Hardy drapes EC3 across another table and climbs back into the ring. He scales the ropes – and crashes onto EC3 with a leg drop!!!

    Officials and medics gather around the ring to check on EC3 as Matt Hardy scales the ladder again! Hardy gets his fingertips on the title once more; EC3 makes the save with another chair shot to the knee!

    EC3 and Hardy race to the top. Hardy catches the champion with a series of rights. Just as The Reign of Carter and his undefeated streak appear to be in jeopardy, EC3 kicks out Hardy’s knee, which sends him from the ladder. Hardy clutches his knee as EC3 retrieves his title.

    Winner: Ethan Carter III


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