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  1. Tony Starks music begins to play through the arena, which is received by shocked reaction of the crowd

    The camera point up at the stage but no one is to be seen. Suddenly a bright light of pyrotechnics is on the stage and the crowd begin to cheer. However still no one appears. Then a shadowy figure walks into the pyrotechnics. The camera can not focuse on what or who the figures is. The pyrotechnics fades down and the figure is reveled to be Tony. The camera focuses in and you can see medically bandages wrapped around his ribs and arms. He begins to walk with a slight limp to the ring. Tony gets into the ring, and goes over to the ropes and gets passed a mic he puts the mic onto the turnbuckle and then a chair is passed into the ring. Tony picks up the mic and sets up the chair in the middle of the ring. Tony begins to speak. With the emotion of slightly pissed off and slightly upset. As Tony begins to speak the crowd begin to change his name.

    SummerSlam has gone. My European Championship is gone. My livelihood is gone. If you watched SummerSlam you know how this happened. Tony points down at the bandages wrapped round his ribs and arms and continues to speak. Well I don't know what to do. I have not been medically cleared to wrestle after Chris Parks attacked me after my match at SummerSlam. I am going to be wrestling this week and I will be fighting for my life... Tony grabs his ribs. He seems to squeal in pain. Doctors look very concerned at ringside about this. A doctor jumps onto the apron and looks like he is going to stop Tony. However Tony put his hand up and continues to speak which stops the doctors. Which brings me to my next point. I have to face Will Neilson, my former team mate and I have alot of respect for Will, I hope he respects me to. However one thing that Mr Gates has taught me is that I can't take it easy on anyone anymore. I need to turn up the intensity to beat Will. I NEED to beat Will. I want to proverify to Mr Gates that I was right for this job and I will beat Will Neils...
    Before he can finish he gets cut of by the music of Will Neilson

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  2. *Will Neilson's music hits and he walks out alone, he is wearing a 'Neilson 4 Champ' shirt with blue jeans and trainers. He points at Tony and smiles, then walks to the ring and gets in it, grabbing a spare microphone and he begins to talk to Tony.*

    Will: Just wanted to stop you there..,. me and you are good friends. Bitter rivals at one time, best friends at another. 1 on 1, we haven't had a one on one match in ages Tony.... so I think this is a great opportunity to show what we've learnt throughout our time here in WWEF. You may not be 100%... but you know me well enough, to know that I will bring 110%, no matter what condition you are in.

    *This comment inherits a few boos from the crowd, never the less, Neilson continues.*

    Will: You got... may I say... wrecked by Chris Parks at Summerslam. He's not a happy gorilla... yeah I just made a joke about Chris's hair... calm down. The fact that Buster had the nerve to draft both you and him, is pretty surprising. Let's just make a promise... may the best man win, me or you. *Will extends his hand.* What do you say?

    *Tony sits up and goes to shake Will's hand but is interrupting by a familiar laughter and Chris Parks theme song hits.*

    Will: *whispering to Tony* Fuck me..... stay back man... if he is gonna do anything to you he's gonna have to get through me first.


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  3. *The titantron is filled with a flame as the words "Its time" appear from the dark behind the flames, as a spotlight shines down on a singular spot on the stage in which Chris is standing*
    So you two seem to still be all buddy buddy even after we all know Will is gonna back stab everyone to cash in at some point even if the champ is one of his team mates. Anyway, since me and Tony have been drafted both to Team Green with the greatness that is Buster Gates we will have to co exist to beat the main enemy here in the blue team. Now Tony even when we are on the same team we are still going to fight, you aren't getting away with that haha.
    *Chris begins to walk down the ramp with Will and Tony both keeping very defensive*
    I'm not here for a fight, I mean Tony's hurt enough and Will well you know you ended up as a bloody mess last time so I can understand why you're defensive but you don't need to be. I'm just here to say that Tony you better win because if you don't and lose us points then I'm gonna destroy you even more than I was originally planning to. I've got my own match to focus on but in the grand scheme of things the draft is everything that matter but once that's done I've got you Tony and you're not gonna be making it any further in your career. Trust me Team Buster will win but that doesn't mean either of you are going to be standing when the green team rise above everyone else.
    *Chris rolls under the bottom rope and looks at both superstars*
    At the end of the day Will you're just a guy protected by a briefcase and Tony, you're just the guy who just can't handle the big stage. You know one day Will you're not gonna be protected by that briefcase and by then you will have lost everyone, I mean look at how Rhys was looking at you haha.
    *Chris looks at Will and Tony waiting for someone to make a move*
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  4. Will steps foward with a face like he wants to punch Chris Parks. Tomy stands back up as he sat down because he was favoring his ribs and arms. He has a mic in his hands and begins to speak.
    Hey, hey, hey. Will stand back you don't need this. We don't need this. Hey Chris, I can certainly agree that you have done one thing and that is that you have broken me. After SummerSlam you came and attacked me. I can somewhat respect that. I can somewhat not respect that. But really about 2 dominators, a superkick, a Canadian destroyer and 2 end of days. I knew I should have been watching my back at all times. And me and Will are not bum buddy's. We have a match we will prove to our captions why they choose us. I couldn't care which one I faced Will or anyone. I can beat them.
    I know it.
    Will looks back at Tony with a surprised face and talks to him
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  5. Will: I like your determination... your passion. Your just like me... you never give up. If we're even going to make to our match.... we need to take out the trash first.

    *Will and Tony nod at each other and both run at Chris, Chris pushes them both away with ease. He picks up Tony and hits a huge End of Days, he picks up Will Neilson and goes to do the same. As Will is swung back, he uses the edge of his foot to low blow Chris, this gives him enough time to grab his Money in the Bank briefcase and Will hits Chris right in the head with it.*

    Will: Protected by my briefcase? Well you just got a close up of it.

    *Will kicks Chris and walks backstage, bringing his briefcase with him.*

    In a bit of a rush.
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