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  1. *Spike Cox walks out with the European title over his shoulder. As the crowd began to boo him, he takes a second to look at them in disgust. He makes his way to the ring an grabs a mic.*

    Spike Cox: Soooo. Im out here to talk a little about my match this week. Im facing Anthony Sharpe. The guy who loves to preach about strong style. Sorry to say buddy, but strong style wont help you when youre in the ring with me. And i hate how you talk about how youre a wrestler and not a entertainer. Fun fact, im not a entertainer or a wrestler. Im a destroyer. I am a walking, talking beast! And when im done with you, i'll kick you all the way back to japan where you'll wish you stayed as you eat food from a straw for the rest of your life. Cause you and your "Strong style" is the only poison around here. *crowd boo and begin to chant strong style.* looks like the real poison has already consumed you all. Ohh well, your all just peasants anyway. and i have no time to waste with all you peasants. *Crowd boo.* I could care less if you all boo me, cause im the European champion. An everyone's just gotta deal with that. cause im never, ever losing this championship! *Spike drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle too raise the European championship, as he takes in all the boo's. Camera fades to black.*
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