Not another Britta thread. RUN!!!!

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    Now before anyone says anything....

    No this is not a thread to get attention (Dolph's lol you cream puff faggot) or bash any (more) members. I planned on saying a few things, and I thought it over and decided it is not worth it. I hated high school because of the drama. The point of this thread, after of course, I point of a few statements, is to appreciate the forum and the people I have come to know in it. So as for the statements...

    punk – The water is under the bridge that no longer exists.No hard feelings.

    Danny – I told you what happened, the things that were said and basically let you have it but when I said I forgave you I meant it but again, water under the bridge that no longer exists.

    Deth – You smell.

    Also for the record, I know I have told you, but TRIP YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! Trust me, you are one of the nicest people on the forum so please don't think you did anything.

    As for the forum... Most of you know by now that I have anxiety/panic issues and this forum has helped me greatly in that aspect of my life. Being able to come on here and talk to people anytime of day when I had no one to talk to helped me out a lot. What most of you don't know is, outside of my husband I have 0 friends in real life. I feel as though I made some friends on here and I would hate to lose all contact with some of you. Also... I HATE NO ONE ON HERE. No, Jono, not even you. Aside from some minor bumps in the road, I loved this forum. It is hands down the best forum I have ever been a part of. I am glad all of you can vent and get over things quickly instead of harping. One thing I would change is the fact that most of us, yes I am including myself here, have bashed members behind their backs. I think it is childish and WE ALL need to grow up. Dolph's, Jono, and Aids are good examples of saying things to your face (so to speak) instead of going in private threads or off forum to do it so I respect them for that. So the irony of that is, you all should take note from them. The only reason the bashing of myself personally has bothered me is because it came from people I considered friends. Coming from any random person on the forum, I would have not cared in the least. I'd also like to point out the fact that Farooq is tryin to end the drama. Staff that man!! But anyways... I was going to talk about some members directly in here but I am sure they know how much I appreciate them. To the whole DX group, minus deth cause he smells, You know where to find me. Add me on skype, or xbox. Lets be honest, I don't get out much. lolol Also... ADAM IS A GREAT KID! All you little twats who think otherwise... I got two words for ya... SUCK IT!
    So yeah, that is about all.

    Crayo feel free to move this to the anniversary thingy when it is up. I thought it would be up today but I see that its not yet and didn't want to wait to do this, cause I may not have done it at all. Thanks everyone!

    Inb4 I am racist, seeking attention, sleeping with cats, punk's in love with me, danny hates me more, dolph's makes a witty comment (to himself) about something, deth confirms he smells, this thread gets closed by Xanth, or heck, it goes off topic before it reached page 2. Lets be honest, all my threads go off topic by page two.


    Ignore the drama and just enjoy the forum, it's whats best for business.
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  2. u racist, attention seeking, with cat sleeping, punk's love accepting, danny hate taking, dolph witty commenting observing, deth smelling, Xanth closing, off topic vienna sausage
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  3. I already sent you a PM.
  4. help @CM Punk how do i sent personal messages
  5. Go to their profile and start conversation.
  6. can't we all just apologise grow up and be fwiends :sad:
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  7. Where's the fun in that?
  8. Glad to see you back Brit this forum would miss your threads.
  9. thanks for the love. I know better than anyone it's easy, sometimes too easy, to go overboard on a keyboard. The water isn't gone, you'll just have to move to the other side of the bridge to find it.
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  10. But there is no bridge... :lol1: inb4 i drown!!!
  11. Shut the fuck up :tough: And no I'm not saying this because she suggested me for staff either. Really, it's not. Don't give me that look. pls, stahp.
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  12. Also I meant that about Farooq. STAFF HIM!
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  14. For the record, now that everybody has calmed down and relaxed, my input for all of this, is that this is what I expected.

    Everybody just needed to cool down, and relax, as far as what happened to Danny and Brit. I understand we have fights and get angry at each other at times, I do when KLock calls Daniel Bryan a vanilla midget(</3), but I'm glad at the end this can be settled maturely. We may not all talk a lot, and the threads may get annoying sometimes, but I'm glad to see that you're back Brit. You're a great person, you're a nice person and a great fun member to have here. Losing you on here would be like losing family in real life.

    @Danielson I hope you see this thread if no one else showed you, but you're one of my favorite members. An awesome guy to talk to, very chill and can make some of the GOAT videos. Honestly, it hurt quite a lot seeing out of all the members that were saying they were gonna leave was you. I really hope you come back soon, but I'll still talk to you on Facebook or Skype, and you better see this post by today or I'll send it to you later dammit :tough:

    @CM Punk you're next :hogan:

    Now I know your problems are not related to these two, the reason I'm putting you here is because you said you were leaving too. I know we don't talk much, but you're still apart of this family. I don't know what's going on with your personal life, and whatnot, but I hope everything works out for the best. You're one of the funny members and in my opinion was a good mod. I hope you do come back here when you're done on your vacation, don't leave us with Senhor as the only Canadian member eh :upset: P.S. If you want to talk, then just PM me. I know we don't talk at all, but a brutha can try.

    Now everybody gather around the fucking fire and lets smoke some weed and sing psychedelic songs and shit. Friend stuff.
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  15. Couldn't put it better myself. Fantastic post Farooq and my sentiments on all this are same as yours.
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  16. And no offense to Senhor, just two race of members is better than one. You won't believe how much I'll break down if Dat Kid leaves me as the only black member on here, which I'll just then put a bucket of chicken on this site and I'll find a new one :tough:
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  17. wait, you arent dat kid!?
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  18. If D'z and Crayo can forgive me, you need to open yourself to the idea of forgiving CM and Danny.
  19. I already stated I forgave them both doof. I even told Danny I did off the forum. As I said, I have moved on. What people say/do is their choice.
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