Not as tall as advertised.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Turns out wrestler are not as tall as we think they are. i have foudn info on the net about there true barefoot hegiths

    Kane billed at 7ft
    real height 6'7 1/2

    Batista billed at 6'6
    real height 6'3

    Kevin Nash billed at 6'10
    real height 6'9

    Hulk hogna billed at 6'7
    real height 6'6 (these days looks only 6'3)

    kurt angle billed at 6'2
    real height 5'10

    Sid Eudy billed at 6'9
    real height 6'7

    rock dwayne johnson billed at 6'5
    real height 6'3

    DDP billed at 6'5
    real height 6'4

    undertaker billed at 6'10
    real height 6'7 1/2

    big show billed at 7'4
    real height 7ft

    great khali billed at 7'3
    real height 7'1

    andre the giant billed at 7'4
    real height 7ft

    do there true heights suprise you or not?

    do these listings suprise you or not?
  2. Not really surprised, I can't imagine many people thought Kurt Angle was over 6ft.

    Kane and Big Show are like an inch apart though when they stand head to head so I can't think how Kane is only 6 ft 7.
  3. Omg what shoes does Kurt wear?
  4. Well, not surprised at all. That are all indeed BILLED heights. It's just the way company presents them, thats all.
  5. They've always done it tbh, the weight of the wrestlers is also greatly exaggerated alot of the time.
  6. WOW! I did not know that?
  7. Wade Barrett looks huge, must be 6ft5 and jack swagger i did think was 6ft5 but he does look slightly shorter than barrett so maybe he could be like 6'4 1/2???? Drew Mcintrye as well is defenitnly 6ft4. BIG guys.

    kane looks too have shrunk a bit these days or maybe its his huge beer belly giving that impression :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. CM Punk is billed as 6'2 and he isn't any taller than 5'10 or 5'11.
    Triple H is billed as 6'4 but is probably closer to 6'1 or 6'2. Rock is also probably closer to that height than 6'3 IMO.

    The only thing I don't understand is why don't they just get everything on the same page? They randomly decide what to bill guys at, why not just add 2 or 3 inches to everyone? It'd be a lot more difficult to spot discrepancies between real height/actual height if they did it that way.
  9. Triple H i don't think is any less than 6'2.

    Juding by how tall cm punk looks next too chris jericho he does not look under 5'11. johnny ace looks very tall like 6'3 or 6'4.

    as for the rock i think he was very close too 6'4 at some stage but because of injuries/wear and tear is 6'3 or just under these days.
  10. Lots of sports (both real and scripted) inflate the heights of the athletes. I was 6'2 until I became a pitcher in high school where, according to the program, I was 6'4.


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  11. High Schools/Colleges inflate height, but once you get to the pros they measure you before the draft (at least in the NFL/NBA)

    I was listening to a Robert Griffin III interview and he was talking about how his HS listed him at 6'4 before he got to Baylor, and he measured 6'2 3/8 at the combine.
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