Not Going Back To Watching ROH

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Testify, May 7, 2013.

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  1. I've decided this after watching the Supercard of Honor from last month.

    First reason is that fucking undercard. Here's what I saw:

    This fucking guy Qt Marshall, Tadarius Thomas, and RD Evans - Ugh, I wanted to quit watching the show the minute they started to wrestle. That "Cheeseburger" guy is more charismatic than them. ACH is the only one decent out of them. *1/2

    Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander - :facepalm1:those guys

    Bennett vs. Benjamin - :ohgod: DUD

    Elgin vs. Lethal = most overrated match of the year (Dave gave it a fucking ****). There was no real emotion in this one. It was good, but nothing special. Sorry if I butthurt some ROHbots by this. **1/2

    SCUM vs. Team ROH - it was OK, and I'm okay with seeing SCUM, actually. From the face team though, BJ and Mark are the only ones decent players. **1/2

    Karl Anderson vs. Roddy Strong - very good match, quality action. ***

    Matt Taven vs. "The Icon" Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole - :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: , though I dig Hardy's "Icon" gimmick, lmao. Worst match of the year, possibly. DUD

    Redragon vs. American Wolves - this was for MMA marks (hence why Meltzer gave it ****1/2), not for me. Can't say more than this. **1/2

    Kevin Steen (c) vs. Jay Briscoe - now this was it, this reminded me of the good, old ROH, really. Jay's shoulder selling was questionable, but bar that, this was your good old, dramatic ROH match. Big thumbs up. ***3/4

    Overall: 4/10 :pity2:

    Apart from very good main event, good Anderson-Strong match, there was nothing must-see here, and this is a "Supercard" show. Nothing from this show, apart from few wrestlers and small things, makes me want to come back to watching/following ROH on a weekly basis or so. Even with Cornette gone, this company still feels like it's balls deep in some black, boring shit.

    I'll stick to TNA, NJPW and PWG.:boss:
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  2. Damn, sad news for Indy-Bots
  3. It only takes one 4/10 for you to stop? Jeez, if I was like that, I'd have no product to watch.
  4. Thank you for your irrelevant opinion :dawg:
  5. What's wrong with you? I can't stop watching something if I didn't even watch it in the first place lol. A 4/10 show will not bring me back to watching it regularly, is my point.
  6. I said I was sorry if I butthurt some rohbots, didn't I?
  7. I am not a ROH bot i know their faults. You on the other hand are a TNABot. I am not biased towards any company. Also do you think of yourself in high regard or something as if its big news you are not watching ROH any more
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  8. I don't think you're done watching ROH, you'll probably do the same as WWE and watch a few good matches that are on.
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  9. Was a joke. Chill.
  10. I eat chilli, but it was still a stupid joke. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Lol,I maybe should've just name the thread Supercard of Honor review, but whatever. Just stating my opinion: the product is boring.
  11. Can't say I blame you, everytime I decide to get back into Ring of Honor the episodes always bore me.
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  12. My point exactly.
  13. Sorry if I'm bumping this thread. I don't really know the limit to how fresh a thread has to be for me to post in it if there is any, I was just interested by the title.

    Anyway, although Supercard of Honor in my mind was pretty alright when I finished it, it was absolutely forgettable. Seriously. When I read this I was literally struggling to remember if I had watched this or not. After a good 15 seconds of thinking I remembered I had watched this, so I think it should be understandable why someone would find the product boring, bad, whatever.

    ...Not only because of that though.
    ROH's product isn't just questionable at the moment because of one forgettable PPV. The product is obviously more stale now than it was a few years back, even though I'm sitting here wondering how you got through ROH in 2012 and took a break just now, I get you completely. If people go back to 2004 ROH, the characters were so much more exciting, the matches had a special feel and build-up to 'em and the product would feel more special and was easy to get into. Heck, I didn't even watch ROH at that time but I would rather take my time and check out the older stuff than try my best to get invested into the current product.

    On the defensive side, I will say that this year is an improvement to 2012 so far. The product can't just do a 180 right away and it takes time to get back on track with most people. I don't know how you feel about ROH now but the title tournament sounds like it might be worth a watch. Who knows? Maybe that's their one shot to get back some of their viewers as obviously there are more unsatisfied with the product now more than ever.
  14. There's plenty of good talent in ROH, looking forward to seeing them at Full Sail.
  15. Now now,TNA will pick up some of RoH's talent,most of them will be misused and over shadowed by the Hogans until they get cut so the Hogans can have a fat Christmas bonus though...
  16. Worst part of watching this ippv was when the stream cut out for a good 5 minutes in the main event.
  17. Not sure which one Rulez. joe Where you at bro!?
  18. :idk:
  19. I kinda stopped watching ROH recently and started watching PWG which is awesome but I watched a taped episode airing in a few weeks and it was awesome so im gonna start watching again.
  20. If you didn't like Supercard Of Honor, stay away from Best In The World. Definitely their worst iPPV all year. On the plus side, they're bringing in a lot of new talent to the roster as of late - Adam Page, Silas Young, The Beaver Boys all recently enough made their TV debuts whilst Brian Kendrick, Sonjay Dutt and The Young Bucks are returning too.
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