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Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. It was from 12/16/13 on Raw.

    Go to 6:33
    Punk straight "punked" out of an elbow drop. He is getting lazier and lazier since his "pipebomb".
    Does anyone else notice this stuff? Since his big push his matches seem to get worse. Like I understand being hurt, but take time off, don't put on LQ matches, even if its "just Raw".. He's lazy. He use to put on some of the best matches now he puts on mid carder matches. He is clearly out of shape.

    Just this past Raw, When he was fighting Rollins, Punk shot Rollins off the ropes, Rollins reversed, Punk tried to school boy him and they became all messed up and they settled for a small package. (LOL) Then he flicks Ambrose off on camera... I mean come on. Seems like the match was almost a joke. It is not completely Punk's fault (could have been Rollins as well) but if you claim to be the best in the world, you should be able to turn a bad match around even make it seem like a great one.

    And Rollins doesn't get any cred on being a damn good wrestle. Shame on you people. SHAME!
  2. :mad2:
  3. You said school boy and small package in the same sentence LOLOLOLOLOLO
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  4. The elbow was as bad as ever. Punk just can't hit that move.
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  5. Yes he does.
  6. Make a list of all of the moves Punk executes well vs the ones that are sloppy as fuck and the sloppy list will outweigh the well executed list I guarantee it. Most of his moves look like shit, idk, maybe its his thing.
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  7. Well if he is aiming to be the best in the world at looking like a lazy twat, mission accomplished.
  8. I blame his fanboys for eating up anything, and everything he does. He probably knows he doesn't have to do shit to get people (namely his fans) sucking his dick.
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  9. He's always been a C-level wrestler with an A-level mouth.
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  10. Agree that he's been sloppy in recent months due to a lack of motivation probably, which looks like the reason he'll retire, but his matches against Cena, Taker, Lesnar, Jericho, etc show that he's not C-Level, come on.
  11. He is a great wrestler... One of the best... When and only when, he is not being lazy. Aside from a few PPV matches, the past year I have seen nothing special from him.
  12. you are right.

    d rate would be more accurate
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  13. lol no, e-rate! ziggler >
  14. Punk has always been sloppy. He's very technically talented but he has always tended to rush through moves and do things unproper. That's nothing new with Punk.

    Him being so injured is also a factor.
  15. I guess his backyard wrestling still shines through.
  16. He said himself that this match was garbage and that he's sick of traveling, he should really just take a long break, or retire.
  17. hell yea
  18. He said that about the Rollins match, not this one.
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  19. wow yet ok? All his matches are garbage and when they aren't it's because he's being carried.:pipebomb:
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