Note to the European members.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. RAW starts at 1am GMT tonight, it's an hour earlier because America does their "daylight saving" clock-change a week before us. It's back to 2am next week as ours happens on March 19th.
  2. Thanks crayo never knew that :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Crayo will finally get his rightful sleep.
    Am I Right?
  4. Not really. #Scrubs is on after RAW.
  5. Go to sleep Crayo or else I will be the one to do it.
    My name is CM Punk and I am Straight-Edge Gangsta Yo! Bitch!
  6. No work tomorrow. Tuesdays are bliss.
  7. So Crayo, when are you inviting me to your house yo?
    We got some catching up to do bitch!
    Also, isn't Scrubs like about doctors or something?
  8. You don't know scrubs? I won't ever allow you in my house until you've seen every episode.
  9. I think there is Scrubs (US) and Scrubs (UK).
    But than again, I could be thinking of The Office.
  10. You are thinking of the office, bitch.
  11. How dare you mock me Crayo.
    Bitch GTS on you!!
    Haha No RAW or Scrubs for you Bitch! Yo!
  12. Someone mentioned Scrubs?
  14. Still would be 2 am here. :emoji_slight_frown:
    Was not planning to watch it tbh.
    I was a mess last week at work after I stayed up for RAW.
  15. What is Scrubs?
  16. scrub 1 (skrb)
    v. scrubbed, scrub·bing, scrubs
    a. To rub hard in order to clean.
    b. To remove (dirt or stains) by hard rubbing.
    2. To remove impurities from (a gas) chemically.
    3. Slang To cancel or abandon; drop: We had to scrub our plans for vacation.
    To clean or wash something by hard rubbing: Don't forget to scrub behind your ears.
    1. The act or an instance of scrubbing.
    2. pl. scrubs The articles of clothing that make up a scrub suit.
    Phrasal Verb:
    scrub up
    To wash the hands and arms thoroughly, as before performing or participating in surgery.
    [Middle English scrobben, to currycomb a horse, from Middle Dutch schrobben, to clean by rubbing, scrape; see sker-1 in Indo-European roots.]
    scrubba·ble adj.
  17. Dr.Cox could cut a better promo than any of the Raw roster.
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  18. [yt][/yt]

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  19. Dr. Cox will end the streak.
  20. @RS

    Can't suck for Europeans.
    We can go to sleep an hour earlier.
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