Notes for tonight's RAW 02/04/13

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 4, 2013.

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  2. Shame about the Rock. Every skipped show diminishes the fued. Then again, maybe less is more. The legend novelty is already wearing thin and it's not like the WWE are doing anything fantastic with him. Now that he has the title he's become a bit of a Cena-clone. Speaking of Cena, I bet he pins Ziggler in the tag match. Ah well. At least Brock's role will be something of a surprise - oh wait, HHH will be there too...
  3. I'm sure HHH and Lesnar will have some words between them with Heyman standing by. I wonder if Chris Jericho will disrupt the tag team match that Dolph is in tonight.
  4. Wanna watch the show of tonight, I hope Brock comes out and the Shield tries to get him out... I also hope one day we can watch a Lesnar vs Ryback
  5. Cena/Ryback VS Punk/Ziggler...
    Who can correctly predict the outcome of the match? :sad:
  6. Why would The Shield try and get Brock if they work for Heyman?
  7. Actually they don't, the clip said that when they needed the shield the paid them, not that the shield worked for Heyman, is the opposite thing, Heyman works to pay the shield and get their job done...
  8. If Heyman is employing them to do something then that's work regardless, lol. I don't see the reason for them to attack the guy that's paying them. What reason would you book?
  9. But I think The Shield is free to do what they want so they can attack Lesnar, I think that the only reason they didn't attack Punk was cause Heyman paid them to not doing it, so if they want to attack Brock or any other superstar they can if WWE tells him that, Heyman is only paying them for protection and also to make Punk win matches but with Brock I don't think they need to pay The Shield
  10. Ziggler pinning clean ryback and cena :maybe:
  11. LOL seeing this will be like seeing the clouds raining money, it's impossible. :downer:
  12. I'm pretty sure it'll be a dark match, no worries on that. Losing dark matches means nothing.

    Well, seeing Lesnar will be good. Jericho too.
  13. Not necessarily, I can see it being the main event. :damnn:
  14. It's possible, but do they normally advertise the TV main events locally? From what I recall they usually advertise dark MEs locally but I could be wrong.
  15. They don't announce the tv main event locally. This is the dark main event from the house show circuit this weekend so it will probably be the dark main event tonight.
  16. Well I do hope so since I don't want to see another predictable Tag match with Cena going over.
  17. So with HHH and Lesnar there, does this mean it's the start of a build up to Lesnar/HHH 2 at WM, i really hope not, but unfortunately it looks the beggining of it happening to me
  18. It's pretty much a lock :downer:
  19. Yeah, for me Lesnar attacking Vince pretty much locks HHH/Lesnar at WM.
  20. The Shield only attack faces. Brock is booked as a heel.
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