Notes from WWE's tryout weekend

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Non-wrestling guys getting injured in a wrestling ring? Oh the irony.
    Leojay linked me to an article last night that said Callihan was possibly at a smaller try out earlier in the month but he might have been at this one, who knows?

    Seems like nice pickings. I personally think Cole, Bennet, Callihan and Del Sol will be offered contracts if any.

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  2. Mike Bennett is garbage.Kind of want Cole to stay in ROH for a bit longer.
  3. Bennett does have the WWE look though. Cole would do well both in the E and ROH I thinks. Sad thing is if Cole goes then ROH is losing one of the few guys on the roster who can fill the void left by Bryan and McGuinness leaving (McGuinness leaving in ring) and Cornette somehow thinking Generico doesn't fit into ROH.
  4. Bennett does have the look wwe go far i cannot really say i have enjoyed his work apart from the Storm feud.

    Cole on the other hand is vital for ROH and keeping him would do wonders for the product.Such a excellent worker.
  5. Agreed. Cole, if he stays would be a future top guy (if not the guy) in the company. Which in my opinion ROH needs since they are in a transitional period, still working out the kinks with Sinclair and losing previous top talent. Downside of Steen's long reign is that the rest of the roster are kind of underneath him. Who in ROH can logically challenge him apart from Lethal (who is only logical due to Survival of the fittest). A well build up Cole could do that.

    ROH needs to do some recruiting as well in my opinion. Just to fill out the roster and get some more potential "top talent". In my opinion only Cole and Elgin are top guys along with Steen currently.
  6. Who do you think ROH should recruit?
  7. If they could work out a deal with DG/DGUSA I would love to see Gargano and possibly Ricochet in ROH, it would also allow some Japanese talent to appear.
    Otherwise I'd say Willie Mack could possibly do well in ROH if used correctly. Scorpio sky perhaps or has he had a run there already that failed? Otherwise bring back Colt and let him help build some new top talent from the current roster.
  8. Gargano would be good,i too would love to see some of the DG guys in ROH.
  9. Didn't DG and ROH used to have a working agreement or something, or was that another promotion in Japan?
    Had it not been for DG already having an American brand ROH would have been a nice platform for DG in America.
  10. Well they had a few of the guys from NOAH. They did have some of the DG come over for a few shows there was that amazing 6 man tag with CIMA,Dragon Kid and the other names have escaped me.Think it was one supercard of Honor show?
  11. Non-wrestling guys getting hurt in wrestling is not new. Guess they had to learn it the hard way, some interesting names who could be good additions to the roster there.
  12. What Stopspot said, I came in too late :sad:
  13. @"Pop Tatari" What would you think of ROH signing Harry Smith? He was a name that popped into my head after our previous discussion on possible talent for ROH to recruit. He has name value, ring skills and from what I remember is at least serviceable on the microphone. Do you think he would fit?
  14. I popped it into your head. :aries:

    Second last post on the page.
  16. lol when? :otunga:

    The thought came to me when I watched the Hart family DVD yesterday.
  17. Look at the post above yours, the link is right there :willis:
  18. Hardly remember that discussion. No kudos for you :aries:
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