News Notes on RVD signing

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. At least it's short term
  2. Thank God it's short term, meaning holding any title or briefcase seems very unlikely. I wonder who his feud will be against though.
  3. IC title feud against Axel?

    Heyman Guy vs Heyman Guy


    Heyman Guy vs Heyman Guy

  4. Maybe Ryback for stealing his ring gear. :lol1:
  5. Or his weed.
  6. He joked about that on twitter apparently. A fan tweeted him and asked if he was gonna take his ring gear back from Ryback. RVD said "in due time" or something like that according to Wrestlinginc.
  7. Wasn't expecting anything long-term considering RVD's stance on WWE's travel & drugs but confirmation is nice I suppose. Definitely wasn't expecting him winning any Championship or something like that either by the way. I'll be pretty pissed if he does, otherwise I'm as about excited as I can be about wrestling nowadays about RVD's return. Dude's one of my all-time favorites, his match with Jerry Lynn at Living Dangerously 99 for the ECW TV Title is still my second favorite match of all-time, and I enjoyed several of his matches in WWE. I completely avoided his TNA run though, which seems to be for the best seeing as the only slightly positive thing I heard about it was one match with AJ Styles he had.
  8. :shock:
  9. Cool that it's short term, he'll be able to put on some really great matches.
  10. Cesaro please.
  11. Arrive, have a cool spot at Money in the Bank, leave. That's just fine with me.
  12. uh? have not forgot about The Rock!?
  13. :yay: short term! That's a relief at least, and that it's part time.
  14. Oh hell no! That would be so bad.
  15. Who's The Rock?
  16. STFU! U KNOW WHO THE ROCK! He wrestler part time and won the wwe champion!
  17. RVD is not The Rock.
  18. True. He better wrestling right now.
  19. RVD vs Triple H, so RVD can finish the job he started at the Elimination Chamber match a couple of years ago
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