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  1. The camera spans across the crowd as the show returns from a commercial break. The commentry team is talking about Summerslam and how it was a momentous PPV. Some pictures are shown of the night and once the pictures stop the arena goes dark before the music hits, bringing the lights back alive.

    Wolf walks out, the crowd popping after his match at Summerslam, he holds both arms to the side and stands at the top of the ramp for a bit before making his way down the ramp. Rolling into the ring and walking over the the other side to be handed a microphone.

    "Hell-O EX- OH- DUSSSSSS!!!" he screams and the crowd responds with the same fervour.

    "Oh it is goood to be back in this ring after the night we had at Summerslam! It was awesome winning at my first pay per view and in a tag match at that.... I wanna give a shoutout to Ben Song for giving me that spot."

    "Tonight, tonight we have another tag match. Tonight we're facing an experienced tag team, the odds on favourite to win it all.... heck, they wouldnt be called Kings of Wrestling otherwise. Tonight, inspite of my result at summerslam, I am an underdog. And I relish that... I fucking love it. Because the favourites rarely cause an upset. The favourites are expected to win, those same expectations... they may weigh them down... And if they make one mistake, if we get one chance me and Frost, we wont need another."

    "They come here with a lot to lose - Momentum, pride, brand value, legacy...."

    A smirk breaks across his face as he looks around the arena.

    "But we got nothing to lose. And, you know what they say... Nothing more fearsome than someone that doesnt have anything to lose. And a hell lot to gain."

    "So underestimate us, forget to even consider us as worthy opponents... It's okay."

    He looks straight at the camera with a stern gaze.

    "We will gladly remind you"
  2. *As Wolf lowers the mic from his mouth, Tyson Frost's music hits.*

    *The crowd go crazy as Tyson comes out wearing his new trademark light up glasses and jacket, Tyson makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and throwing glow sticks into the crowd, he runs up the steel steps and is given a mic as he hypes up the crowd on the apron, he enters the ring and comes face to face with his tag partner for the night, Gareth Wolf. He smirks at the crowd, who are going crazy at seeing two of their favourite wrestlers in the same ring, as his music slowly fades out.*

    Tyson: Why hello there, good sir! You must be Gary! Yeah, we're partners tonight, right?

    *Wolf laughs along and nods, slightly caught off guard by Tyson's light up outfit.*

    Tyson: Ok, so I was listening to your little speech while I was working out, putting these thighs to use, when I heard you bring up how people see you as an underdog, and that above all else, you, in your words, "FUCKING LOVE IT" when someone calls you an underdog. And yes, I'll agree that we are the underdogs going into this match, we're expected to lose. I mean, we are going up against Lukey, the Greatest Super Dropick King Boy that ever Dropkicked Reigned....yeah, him. But we also have one of the craziest guys to wear multi coloured face paint to ever compete in this business in The Amazing H. Collectivly, they are known as the K.O.W.

    *The crowd shout "KINGS".*

    Tyson: Yeah! Those dudes. Now, you all saw SummerSlam. We saw underdogs rise, we saw returning guys like myself get kicked in the head. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I lost fair and square to the world's buffest Salvation Army till worker....but I will not tolerate being called unoriginal. Sure, I may have stolen the Bullet Club thing but that was....a really awkward phase. Less said about that whole mess the better. But, I'm back to entertain the fans. This is where my respect for the Kings starts waning. Now, Wolfy over here, he thrives off of being put under pressure, I thrive at being entertaining. Now, that H and Lukey are back together, they may want to entertain the fans, but the main reason they've come back is to derail a certain talent.

    Now, while Robert Blake, the Unified Champion, may be a horrible Maryln Manson cosplayer, he's a great talent for Exodus. And sure, Lukey and H are great wrestlers too, but their time in the main event has passed, this is a sad but undeniable truth. There are younger and hungrier guys that deserve the spot that they've strolled their way into. Guys like Ellis Klein, guys like Gareth Wolf, guys like Luis Alvarado. I mean no disrespect when I say this but....the KOW are not the guys who should be challenging Robert Blake, it should guys like Gary and myself. And we're going to prove that not only can we hang with the Kings of Wrestling, but that we can beat them.

    Phew, now that we got all that macho, manly talk out of the way...LET'S MAKE SOME NOOOOOOIIISSE!!!

    *Tyson's music plays again and he starts dancing around an utterly confused Gareth Wolf, Tyson rolls out of the ring and jumps the barricade, making his way through a crazy crowd, handing out glow sticks on his way to the back.*