Notification updates?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by RoyalRaven, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I was thinking maybe we could sorta have a facebook chat-esque notification alert.

    Not so much with the sound, though that might be pretty cool more of a bit on your tab that says New Notification. I now we have one now that has a (1) at the end but usually the site forum bit is longer than the tab bar.

    So maybe something like "1 Notification" so when I look at the tab i'll know I have something new. I also understand I could just click into the tab and look, but this would require me to refresh the page so it would be easier if I could just see by looking at the tab as opposed to clicking in and refreshing.

    If you need more of a guide I'd be happy to take screenshots.
  2. We already have that?


    That turns green and has a (X) on the end of it (X being the number of unread notifications) when you have notifications. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean.
  3. I'm with Crayo, we have a notification system at the top, it says 'Notifications (0)'

    The forum bit is longer than the tab bar? What do you mean?
  4. EDIT: I know what he means.

    He basically means have the notification system auto-refresh so that you don't have to refresh the page to get new notifications.

    You know how the Facebook tab on chrome would say like (1) Facebook on the tab title.
  5. That means queries. I don't think even Xenforo or IPB have auto-refresh (lol vB :lol1: @"Big Hoss Rambler") do they?
  6. vBulletin :haha:
  7. Yeah I mean this, sorry for the confusion I couldn't really word it any better D:!
  8. This would be entirely possible, but as @Crayo said, it would require extra queries, putting more load on the server.
  9. Saying that though, we do have a lot of resources left lol. But not sure if it's worth it considering no one else has asked for this.
  10. It's also worth noting that if you leave it on the alerts listing page in the UCP, it should auto refresh, but I can't remember if the title is updated.
  11. Poll? because I'm sure if it's not too much strain on the site, it would be something people want.

    However it's upto the people in charge, it's definitely something I'd like.
  12. Go back to HF. :haha:
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