Nottingham teen is so mad. Scammed on Xbox1

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Yeah, he mad.
  2. The guy saved him from a bad, BAD console.
  3. .. from an ebay seller standpoint myself.
  4. Why does he get his money back it said he was buying a photo. Ignorance isn't an excuse.
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  5. Who ever wins this debate we're both losers, 1a and 1b in shitness.
  6. 19 years old with a 4 year old kid. :nogusta:
  7. Shit happens and people fuck up, he's helping raise the kid in some way by saving to drop 400 on him gotta respect that at least.
  8. I dont know why Ebay are taking the buyer's side, if it clearly said on the item that it was a bloody photo!!!!! He shouldn't be getting his money, he doesn't deserve it back.
    My home of the UK is slowly turning into the dumbest country ever :why:
  9. Because these types of listings have hardly any indication that you're only getting a photo, or an empty box, except usually in a tiny font on the description page. They're blatant scam posts and are entirely structured to trick the buyer.

    Stop blaming the entire country for one person's impulse purchase, it makes you sound ignorant.
  10. He admitted he saw it was a picture but because it was in a game section he assumed it to be legit. He wasn't scammed, he was an idiot.
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  11. Awww shit bro, it's getting hot in here. Time to settle this. Bro in a cell
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  12. He said: "It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine.
  13. Lol'd and marked.

    He knew it was a photo, he even said so himself. While I do think it's wrong to do this to someone, he was aware of what it was. No one selling a system or any item says they're selling a photo, unless it is a photo itself. It sucks, but he's getting his refund so whatever.
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  14. I'm glad I can amuse bro lol. I say he knew it was a photo, so he deserved what he got. He shouldn't get a refund based on his stupidity. Bash me sure, but that's how I feel BRO
  15. Personally, even though I was aware of it, since he did come off clean and it was a bit of a douche move, I would give it to him, but with a warning. Next time he sees something that says photo for sell, there's no refund once he buys it. That's just my preferences though.
  16. Aw, I see you're going easier on him than I would bro
  17. Shit, second time he doesn't get a refund. In fact, I'll take the money from the buyer myself as a punishment to them both. :heelturn:
  18. And buy an Xbox 1 for yourself? And send pics to the kid of you playing your new system on his behalf, showing how much you're enjoying your new xbox 1. That way, he has a picture to go with his other one
  19. Yeah...but then I'll take the same account from his bank account because I don't give stuff for free.
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