WrestleMania Now that all is said and done

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Was that the most predictable Mania of all time? Cena wins clean, HHH overcomes Bork and Taker overcomes Punk trying to cheat. We get a minor upset w/ Henry, but he gets destroyed afterward so they were still putting Ryback over.

    I expected it to be anticlimactic, but that was downright terrible.
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  2. Yes, it was.
  3. Stopped watching after the Ryback/Henry match (marked btw) to get some food, and CBA tuning in again.
    Read the recaps and wow, predictable as FUCK! Was expecting SOME sort of twist, lol guess not. Glad I didn't watch.
  4. it was predictable but i still enjoyed the event
  5. Congrats. You should skype w/ Crayo about it.
  6. One of them. Didn't expect Henry to go over though.
  7. BOOM! :cole:
  9. ^Cool use of roman numerals there
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  10. Wait what!?
  11. Glad I didn't waste 5 hours of this. The only mark moment was Henry's victory, everything else I saw coming miles away. Shame on WWE for not putting any thought into this.
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  12. It was to predictable. If I didn't read any spoilers and watched Raw tomorrow, nothing would surprise me.
  13. Dolph's, enjoy this. You just got the biggest push of your life.


    There was another from long ago where you said "I'm sure WWE will look through all the options and happily pick the worst one possible", too.
  14. Funny though, when the Rock returned I remember predicting everything from Cena/Rock up until here. Cena winning the Rumble, Rock winning the belt, and even Cena winning. Not that it should surprise anybody, but I just can't believe that WWE has become so predictable, that even I can predict it.
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  15. Rain putting me over :rock:

    looks like I'm a made man now
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