Now that Callihan has been signed...

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, Sep 26, 2013.

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    What would y'all would do with the newly named Solomon Crowe in NXT? Would you stick with his Indy gimmick and have him tear into every competitor he faces,or, would you completely change his character? Would you let him spend some time in NXT,or, would you send him to the main roster in no time?

    I'd give him have a gimmick like Raven's because I think he would do wonders with that sorta gimmick and I would build him up to be the NXT champion. I'd wait a while for him to debut on the main roster though,so he could have enough time to adapt to his new character,and, connect with the casual crowds whom are unfamiliar with him.
  2. I would go pretty in depth with his character, Maybe a mysterious stalker type gimmick?
  3. Last time the WWE did stalker we ended up with DDP being buried by the undertaker (WWE).

    Plus the perfect man to be a stalker is Leo Kruger, he's a deranged mercenary/big game hunter already.

    Shadox idea of a Raven style gimmick would probably be best, a darker take of his Dirty Ugly Fuck gimmick in DGUSA.
  4. That was about 10 years ago, Kruger ehhh I just can't fit him with that gimmick. I can just picture a hooded Crowe lurking in the background.
  5. Kruger > stalker than Crowe. It's already a part of Kruger's character to stalk people.
  6. But Kruger just isn't that interesting, There's nothing that screams stalker from him. You can't really say Kruger is better at said gimmick as Crowe has never used it and Kruger doesn't use it fully.
  7. Crowe would with my experience of watching the man behind the name work work much better if not a stalker. The man's characters have all been very brasize and in your face. Stalker wouldn't fit him I think since he most likely would be more comfortable performing a character that just gets in his opponents face or plays mindgames with him.

    Thus the darker raven persona. Anti society, anti conformity. The man who leads the outcasts of society. Plus hook him up with the right pretty boy face and the feuds writes itself. Just like the original Raven and Tommy Dreamer.
  8. Sounds good to me (the Raven deal)

    I guess im gonna have time to catch up on some NXT this week with Impact being garbage.
  9. I think he has this "Bro" gimmick going on. I watched that test promo evaluation shit. It's on Dailymotion.
  10. Those promos don't mean anything. They just mess around and practise a dozen of gimmicks there.
  11. What Eddy said, those promos were acting classes. Not everyone was doing their gimmick.
  12. True...true.
  13. They should do a feud with Soloman Crowe and Tyler Breeze.
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  14. Is it wrong I won't him to be a dark kind of face?
  15. *want
  16. I know absolutely nothing about this jabroni, but I do want to say that Raven was the fucking shit.
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  18. A little over the top, but I like it. Seems like my kinda guy :obama:
  19. That's his old gimmick. By the end of his indy career he had moved out of the "horror" schtick and more into "I don't care if you're bigger than me, you're gonna fucking die". Mixed with anti establishment. Dude's a excellent promo cutter in my opinion and wrestles a very smash mouth style that looks like it hurts.
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  20. Im ready for this party to start. I'm going to make Shadow and Crayo look like reasonably moderate Ambrose fans. Add on top of that they have a dancer in nxt, and 2 model dudes around in breeze and fandango, so the odds are good he gets to be something awesome, especially with that name. So juiced for some violence and cut throat promos.
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