Now that HE is back...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roi, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Was this a random appareance or can you see the people power been restored?Is he gonna be relationated with Cena and the Rock or hes gonna be messing around?
    I think it was a pretty awesome return so I cannot understand why did the WWE showed us this in SD! instead of RAW
  2. I just tuned in and seen this. So pumped.
  3. Maybe they just wanted someone to get beat up by Rock. Beats what he was doing before Johnny entered anyway.
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  4. Helps Cena win. New corporate champ.

    Nah I'm kidding he was there to eat the elbow.
  5. This.

    Ace is a former-everything now.

    What will they give him at this point? Imo it's a little too soon to put him back full time.
  6. I really hope he wasn't there to just eat the elbow. The guy genuinely has a great heel persona and is great at cutting the annoying heel who actually thinks the crowd like him guy. He gets so much heat, so why not use him effectively? He just shouldn't be shoved down our throats again.
  7. Is it wrong I wanna see him align with Bryan? It could be an easy way to push the BITW persona, Daniel is ready to have a match then outcome Johnny as his personal talent relations manager and he tells Bryan it isn't in his best interest to wrestle tonight so he's arranged for him to get the night off.
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  8. I'd mark so hard, but Daniel Bryan would need to be a serious ass kicker imo.
  9. That'd work yeah, trim the beard and the hair down, make him get a serious face on and we're good to go. I'd like their alignment to happen post ER and the oh so exciting Kane and Bryan matchup to split hell no (-_-) Bryan says he wants to be taken seriously so he ignores the yes and no chants, he holds "The Daniel Bryan Challenge" where if a person lasts five minutes in a match with him they'll earn something no idea what yet, probably money.

    Anyway he squashes random jobbers for a few weeks, really stiff kicks and cranking on multiple submissions, he doesn't only win with the Labelle lock. This leads onto the WWE jobber such as Khali and Yoshi people, where his winning streak continues.

    Daniel then says since no-one from Raw or Smackdown can beat him he'll open the challenge to the NXT roster have him mention he knows there are stars waiting to break out there like he did, he calls out a tall bearded fellow called Kassius Ohno, Bryan teases their ROH allignment and really builds him up, saying he's been impressed with the dominance he's shown in NXT. Ohno isn't booked in the typical noob style, he's booked as Chris Fucking Hero. Hero nearly beats Bryan, having the Hero's welcome locked in as the time limit expires.

    This is where Johnny Ace rides into town on the people powermobile, Bryan is backstage raging about how this rookie nearly caught him out and beat him at his own game. He's the submission expert not Kassius Ohno. Johnny mentions Bryan needs someone to look after his interests, the partnership is teased and made official the next week where Johnny cheapshots Kassius during the rematch between Daniel and Ohno, this leads onto a feud I cba writing.
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  10. This looks great,however how long would be have to wait for this?Probably months...
    Big Johnny said that the only reason why he came back was because he hated Cena.
    Then let bryan go over Kane and then ...

    Option 1. He earns a shot by defeating [insert 3 main eventers here] kinda like they did with Punk.
    Once he earns the shot Mr.Johnny offers him help.Bryan refuses(he still face).At [insert PPV] Bryan loses and turns heel.At next week's RAW he hires Johnny as his manager and then the challenge...
    Option 2. After his feud with Kane,he says he's tired of himself as a comedy figure and brings the sumbmission-master gimmick.He says he wants to show all of them who's the best and he hires Ace so he can get the best talent from all around the world.And then the challenge..

    Apply. Now.
  12. It could be done in a month or so tbh.

    Raw 1 - Squash random jobber
    SD 1 - " "
    Raw 2 - " "
    SD 2 - Yoshi squashing
    Raw 3 - Regal Squashing (it's a shame to waste such a short match on this but it could work out well)
    SD 3 - Santino squashing
    Raw 4 - Khali squashing
    SD 4 - Khali squashing part 2, say Daniel wants to prove it wasn't a fluke.
    Raw 5 - Hero
    SD 5 - Laurinatis allignment is teased.
    Raw 6 - The alignment is completed.

    GIve him promo time between this template and it works IMO.
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